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Adam Furness | Managing Director at Impact
May 12, 2020 · 35 min
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Adam shared with us:

* His goal and purpose in Impact eg. overseeing Singapore, Sydney and Shanghai, helping business development, recruiting, retaining and inspiring top customers including his people and clients who worked with them

* Why Impact are Growth Technologists that enable any business to form a partnership with another business or individual and pay them based on a business outcome eg, a sale, lead, acquisition or download

* How their technology allow businesses and business individuals to discover, contract, optimise, track using analytics and even make payments

* How a social influencer or a podcaster can get paid for driving sales outcome to a business

* Some B2B partnership examples 1: How their technology enables a podcaster to get paid based on tracking the no. of people or sales driven from the embedded pre-roll ad or podcast show notes 2: How a brand like Spotify utilise Impact’s technology enabling streaming platform to get paid by Ticketmaster whenever listeners streamed music that led to them clicking through the content to buy tickets online

* How they sell technology via license fees and SaaS

* How there is higher demand now when every business is bootstrapping and prefer their technology that allow businesses to pay other businesses based on outcome  

* How being in the marketing automation space helped drive revenue for podcasters, social influencers, content creators and even the eco-system of publishers; with an upcoming launch by Impact on 8 Jun 2020 a publisher-play focusing on helping publishers drive demand and revenue stream

* How meeting the Impact founders and CEO David Arnold in Santa Barbara, California 2.5 years ago, learning its business mission, purpose and stories of how customers would get up on stage to share how Impact enabled their businesses to grow, inspired him to own the partnership automation space and help Impact grow in Asia Pacific

* Why participating over the last 14 years in a social purpose organisation that generated over 6million funds to support youth charity is his biggest ongoing career highlight so far

* How the pandemic made him more empathetic and focused on connections with his team and family; how working from home is a highlight, talking to people in a business perspective and reaching out and helping whatever he can to both groups that do well and those that don’t is equally important

* How he leads his team by keeping communication open and getting together every Friday morning, being transparent, honest and vulnerable is really important to get through these times together

* What are his thoughts on the road ahead; that there is light at the end of the tunnel, even when times are really tough, there is real innovation, silver lining and acts of kindness; how he gear up his troops by motivating them to do “20-mile march and deal challenges day-by-day” and they will get to the other side no matter what it looks like

* Who are the empathetic people that inspire him, including his CEO, members of the Impact organisation team and the frontline workers who are saving lives

* What are the lessons learnt from the pandemic; why they are very fortunate with the resilience of their business model ie. licensed fee, being in the performance marketing space; the importance of the diversity of their business having 12 offices globally working  in various categories like travel, finance, entertainment, health, lifestyle, streaming services; making smart decisions early eg. they looked at where to cut cost such as travel, entertainment, rental agreement with offices before they even have to look at reductions in salaries or headcount to better protect their people; Impact proved that they are a people focused company and people that are resilient

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