9 Types Of Women Men Should Stay Away From
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When it comes to dating and relationships, some men are really open for new experiences and meeting different types of women but some men are more careful about the types of women that they choose to date and this is for a really good reason. If you've a little understanding of human behavior, you might know that the habits and behavior of one individual in the group rubs off on other members as well. If you surround yourself with people who are chasing success, there are chances you may start working on bringing out your own potential as well, whereas if you spend more time with people who are negative and envious of others, then you may also become the same or get off-tracked from your own goals. This is why in this podcast segment we discuss the most common types of women who will hold you back and hence must be avoided at all costs.
Book Summary In Hindi
Book Summary In Hindi
Hindi Audio Books
Yuvraj Singh : The Test Of My Life Biogtaphy In Hindi | Audio Book | Full Audio Book | Book Summary
Yuvraj Singh : The Test Of My Life Biogtaphy In Hindi | Audio Book | Full Audio Book | Book Summary In Hindi ---------------------------------------------------------------- BOOK :- The Test Of My Life : Yuvraj Singh Autobiograpghy AUTHOR :- Nishant Jeet Arora | Sharda Ugra | Yuvraj Singh SUBJECT/GENRE :- Biography /Cricket/ Autobiography ------------------------------------------------------------------ That day I cried like a baby not because I feared what cancer would do but because I didn't want the disease. I wanted my life to be normal, which it could not be' For the first time Yuvraj Singh tells the real story behind the 2011 World Cup when on-the-field triumph hid his increasingly puzzling health problems and worrying illnesses. In his debut book The test of my life, he reveals how- plagued with insomnia, coughing fits that left him vomiting blood, and an inability to eat-he made a deal with God. On the night before the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup final, Yuvraj prayed for the World Cup in return for anything God wanted. In this book, he lays bare his fears, doubts, and the lows he experienced during chemotherapy-when he lost his energy, his appetite, and his hair-and his battle to find the will to survive. Poignant, personal, and moving-The test of my life-is about cancer and cricket; but more importantly, it is about the human will to fight adversity and triumph despite all odds. 2011 World Cup Ashish Kaushik asked Australia ball Bangalore body bowler bowling breathing called cancer centre Chandigarh chemo chemotherapy Chennai clinic cycle Delhi didn't doctor Dr Einhorn Dr Harper Dr Nitesh fast bowling feel felt field fight FNAC friends Gauti Ghajini going Gurgaon guys happened head hospital India Indian cricket Indianapolis Jatin kids knew live looked lung Mahi match mind Mohali months Mumbai needed night Nishant Nitin Paroon patients play player Punjab Ranji remember Rohatgi runs Sachin Sachin Tendulkar score seminoma shot sleep someone South Africa Sri Lanka stadium started story talk tell tennis Test cricket things thought told took tournament treatment Trophy trying tumour turned walked wanted watching weeks West Indies wicket World Cup final World T20 Xray YOUWECAN Yuvi Yuvraj Singh. # About the author (2013) Yuvraj Singh is an Indian cricketer and a cancer survivor. He was born in Chandigarh in 1981. He debuted for India in 2000 during the ICC Knock Out Trophy, still only nineteen. In 2011, he emerged as Player of the Tournament in the ICC World Cup, which his team won. That same year he was diagnosed with cancer. He returned to international cricket less than a year after his diagnosis. This is his first book. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit By -Suman Das / SUMAN follow on Instagram https://www.Instagram.com/sumandas030 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for Watching this video. Like,Comment and Share to the maximum. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Tags- #yuvrajsinghbiography #yuvrajsingh #thetestofmylife #yuvrajsinghautobiographyinhindi #yuvjajsinghlifestory #cricket #thetestofmylifebooksummaryinhindi #auyobiography #biography #fulllifestoryofyuvrajsingh #booksummaryinhindi #audiobook #audiobooks #nishantjeetarora #nishantjeetaroraallbooks #shardaugra #shardaugraallbooks #psychology #suman #autobiography #sumandas #sumandas030 #yuvrajsinghlifesketch #yuvrajsinghlifesketchinhindi #booksummaryinhindi #audiobooksummary
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Ronak Shah Show | Books | Lifestyle
Ronak Shah Show | Books | Lifestyle
Ronak shah
Hello guys, In today's video, I have shared a REVIEW OF THE GREATEST SECRET BY RHONDA BYRNE. The Greatest Secret, the long-awaited major work by Rhonda Byrne, lays out the next quantum leap in a journey that will take the reader beyond the material world and into the spiritual realm, where all possibilities exist. Inside The Greatest Secret, you'll find: Profound wisdom from spiritual teachers from around the world, past and present, who have discovered the greatest secret. 🛒buy here🛒 https://amzn.to/3fChoHr 💌  Join the newsletter - https://ronakblog.page.link/Newsletter ___ Business enquires - Connect.ronak1@gmail.com ___ Support me - https://www.patreon.com/Ronakshah you can send me Amazon gift cards at connect.ronak1@gmail.com I will thank you in the next video. ___ 🎬OTHER VIDEOS YOU MUST WATCH - 😇 Best Audiobook apps - https://youtu.be/j12habDOffg 😇 Think like a monk by Jay Shetty - https://youtu.be/ze-93apelno 😇 Books at 69 RS only! - https://youtu.be/8xYGi4NFaaQ 😇 Flipkart Big Billion day - https://youtu.be/gBgulVFctfo ___ BE MY FRIEND: 💌  Sign up for my weekly email newsletter - https://ronakblog.page.link/Newsletter 🌍  My website / blog - https://www.ronakblog.com 📸  Instagram - https://instagram.com/ronak_blog 🐦 Twitter - https://twitter.com/ronak_blog 📚 Goodreads - https://goo.gl/xFFrDa ___ 🎙️🎙️ podcast Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2Oy8rTu I host a weekly podcast where we discuss happiness, books, creativity, and the human condition. You can find it by searching “Ronak shah show” on any podcast app (eg: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc). ___ Things I use - 🤳  Tripod - https://amzn.to/3ni5JRB 🎤  mic - https://amzn.to/2Goh 🎙️  mic 2 - https://amzn.to/3nhtBoy 💡  ringlight - https://amzn.to/2StUPdg ___ GET IN TOUCH: If you’d like to talk, I’d love to hear from you. Tweeting @Ronak_blog directly will be the quickest way to get a response, but if your question is very long, feel free to email me at connect.ronak1@gmail.com. I try my best to reply to things but there sadly aren't enough hours in the day to respond to everyone 😭 ___ #thegreatestsecret #thesecret #rhondabyrne #thesecretbyrhondabyrne #bookreview #ronakshah #booktube #booktuber #bookblogger #ronak  #indianbookreview --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/ronak--shah/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ronak--shah/support
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Bhagavad Gita Hindi
Bhagavad Gita Hindi
Yatharth Geeta
श्रीकृष्ण जिस स्तर की बात करते हैं, क्रमश: चलकर उसी स्तर पर खड़ा होनेवाला कोई महापुरुष ही अक्षरश: बता सकेगा कि श्रीकृष्ण ने जिस समय गीता का उपदेश दिया था, उस समय उनके मनोगत भाव क्या थे? मनोगत समस्त भाव कहने में नहीं आते। कुछ तो कहने में आ पाते हैं, कुछ भाव-भंगिमा से व्यक्त होते हैं और शेष पर्याप्त क्रियात्मक हैं– जिन्हें कोई पथिक चलकर ही जान सकता है। जिस स्तर पर श्रीकृष्ण थे, क्रमश: चलकर उसी अवस्था को प्राप्त महापुरुष ही जानता है कि गीता क्या कहती है। वह गीता की पंक्तियाँ ही नहीं दुहराता, बल्कि उनके भावों को भी दर्शा देता है; क्योंकि जो दृश्य श्रीकृष्ण के सामने था, वही उस वर्तमान महापुरुष के समक्ष भी है। इसलिये वह देखता है, दिखा देगा; आपमें जागृत भी कर देगा, उस पथ पर चला भी देगा। ‘पूज्य श्री परमहंस जी महाराज’ भी उसी स्तर के महापुरुष थे। उनकी वाणी तथा अन्त:प्रेरणा से मुझे गीता का जो अर्थ मिला, उसी का संकलन ’यथार्थ गीता’ है। – स्वामी अड़गड़ानन्द #Krishna #Mahabharata #Yoga #Meditation
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Motivational Speaker Simerjeet Singh's Podcast
Motivational Speaker Simerjeet Singh's Podcast
Simerjeet Singh
Inspirational Verses from the Bhagavad Gita in English | Recited by Simerjeet Singh | Inspirational Podcast in English
Selected Inspirational Verses in English from Shrimad Bhagwad Gita recited by motivational speaker Simerjeet Singh for everyone who might be going through a tough time right now, we are sure that these sacred words of Inspiration will give you hope, strength and willpower. Regards, #TeamSJS "Why do you worry without cause? Whom do you fear without reason? Who can kill you? The soul is neither born nor does it die.  Whatever happened, happened for the good; whatever is happening, is happening for the good; whatever will happen, will also happen for the good only. You need not have any regrets for the past. You need not worry for the future. The present is happening… What did you lose that you cry about? What did you bring with you, which you think you have lost? What did you produce, which you think got destroyed? You did not bring anything - whatever you have, you received from here. Whatever you have given, you have given only here. Whatever you took, you took from God. Whatever you gave, you gave to him. You came empty-handed; you will leave empty-handed. What is yours today, belonged to someone else yesterday, and will belong to someone else the day after tomorrow. You are mistakenly enjoying the thought that this is yours. It is this false happiness that is the cause of your sorrows. Change is the law of the universe. What you think of as death, is indeed life. In one instance you can be a millionaire, and in the other instance, you can be steeped in poverty. Yours and mine, big and small - erase these ideas from your mind. Then everything is yours and you belong to everyone. This body is not yours, neither are you of the body. The body is made of fire, water, air, earth and ether, and will disappear into these elements. But the soul is permanent - so who are you? Dedicate your being to God. He is the one to be ultimately relied upon. Those who know of his support are forever free from fear, worry and sorrow. Whatever you do, do it as a dedication to God. This will bring you the tremendous experience of joy and life-freedom forever. Watch this video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/YTX7e16hpso #SimerjeetSinghEnglishAudios #GitaSummary #SimerjeetSingh #BhagwatKatha #BhagwatGeeta #Bhagwadgita #BhagwatGeetaGyan For more information about Simerjeet's work as a motivational speaker, please visit his website: http://www.simerjeetsingh.com Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/simerjeetsingh
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