Ep. 10 Chateau Herálec | Herálec, Czech Republic | The Kasperová’s Romantic And Storied Castle Overlooking The Czech Highlands
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“I realized it was better to work for yourself than for somebody else. And especially, we’re building something that hopefully will last for many generations to come.”

We’re in great company with Karolína Kasperová, Head of Marketing at her family’s boutique hotel, or should we say romantic and storied castle, Chateau Herálec, overlooking the stunning Czech Highlands.

As a multi-generational entrepreneurial family with numerous successful business ventures across different industries, The Kaspers found their first hospitality project in renovating a 4 century old devastated chateau into a stunning, award-winning boutique hotel. Now with 19 artistically crafted rooms, wandering gardens, and a gastronomic restaurant and luxury spa to complete the stay, the warm familial atmosphere is palpable throughout the property and the people.

In this episode, Karolína shares what it is like to be raised by and to work alongside family, the shared values that drive them all forward, and the bright future for this world of hospitality they’ve created in their quiet countryside Vysočina community.

Top Takeaways

[2:30] “Work hard but stay humble.” What it's like being raised by two entrepreneurial parents alongside 3 close siblings while building numerous family businesses.

[5:15] From winning an auction on a rundown castle, to transforming it into their next business adventure, a boutique hotel.

[9:20] Beyond being known around the hotel as “The Castle Lady,” how Karolína’s mom nurtured a family and tended to their guests at the same time.

[12:55] Karolína opens up about her learning disabilities that made her academic path unclear until she found her place and purpose in hospitality.

[18:30] As the family grows, adding future generations, how her generation is inspired to grow the business to support these “extra mouths to feed.”

[20:28] How artifacts found during the beginnings of the renovation process in 2004, proved the castle had been around since the 13th century.

[28:20] With the symbol of a rose, Chateau Herálec pays homage to the history of the castle while showing guests the dynamic yet relaxing experience in modern day.

[30:53] How a personal love for the natural skincare brand in L’Occitane, turned into a luxurious Spa partnership.

[34:15] Ever wanted to play real life Clue in a castle? Chateau Herálec hosts a “Murder Mystery on a Weekend” stay and experience.

[37:22] A locally led restaurant inspires seasonal dishes and ensures surrounding suppliers are well supported.

[41:45] Spring and fall bring some of the best ingredients right from the castle’s backyard…from edible flowers and herbs to chestnuts, mushrooms and potatoes.

[43:24] What to look forward to from the next generation of Kasperová’s contributions to Chateau Hreálec.

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