S3. | E3. Bliss & Stars | Cederberg, South Africa | Daria & Heine Rasmussen’s Wellness Focused Wilderness Retreat Infused With Astronomy And Gastronomy
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“I have seen people crying at the table. I have seen people laughing at the table. I have seen people revealing the most profound insights of what they have uncovered about themselves, about their relationship to food, to the world. People who feel like they ate for the first time in their lives.” We’re in great company with Daria and Heine Rasmussen, Founders & Owners of Bliss & Stars, a wilderness retreat nestled in the valley of the Doring River in the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa, where they guide guests to slow down, take a breathe and meet their true selves as they are.  As two career-driven Europeans with passions outside of their city lives, Daria as a Certified Mindfulness Teacher and Heine as an Astrophotography Pro, they set off in search of a new adventure of self discovery realizing quickly they needed to share their findings with the world. In this episode, Daria and Heine share how they intentionally take away life’s every day crutches like coffee, technology and alcohol - creating space and inviting guests to open up to the abundance of nature and the sense of awe it creates if you let it. Top Takeaways [1:50] Heine grew up in the countryside of Denmark. Daria grew up in the mountains of Poland. Both climbed the career ladder in Copenhagen before fate, or as we know it today, online dating, brought them together. [10:10] “Regardless of what we decide, there will be one thing we regret…if we don’t try.” Daria and Heine explain how they weren’t running away from anything, rather to something.  [11:55] How South Africa created an immediate feeling of home, from the untouched nature to the expansive skies, from deep traditions across different cultures, there's a sense of freedom and adventure woven throughout the land. [17:00] Finding the place that would become Bliss & Stars was both an art and a science, led by the search for an unobstructed view of the sky.  [26:30] Why nature was a “hard teacher but a good teacher”, showing Daria & Heine how to work in harmony and honor the land they build upon with the resources it provides.  [31:10] When guests slow down and experience stillness, their senses come alive and they realize how loud nature can be through every taste, touch, scent, sight and sound.  [39:30] Simplicity and transparency is woven throughout every Bliss & Star’s experience, from their handmade skincare products, to the design of their chalets, to the ingredients in their dishes.  [44:20] Daria shares how she introduces mindfulness, movement and meditation to her guests while Heine teaches them about the wonders of the sky, its way of storytelling and time traveling.   [59:45] By using the freshest ingredients sourced from their farm and local producers, Bliss & Stars brings the joy back to cooking and eating. Visit For Yourself Bliss & Stars Website Shop Bliss & Stars Handmade Products @blissandstars  Stay In Good Company Website
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