S3. | E14. Desolation Hotel | Sierra Nevada, California | Chet Pipkin, Founder Of Belkin, Is Now Building a Community Of Modern Adventurers Who Want A Greater Connection To Nature
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“Could a group of people come together to do the right thing for the environment, the right thing for the community, the right thing for the people that work there, the right thing for the guests and have a sustainable business?”

We’re in great company with Chet Pipkin, Founder of the recently realized Desolation Hotel in the Sierra Nevada region of California, with two distinctly different nature experiences - one in Lake Tahoe, an oasis of serenity in the midst of a bustling town, and the other in Hope Valley, a historic resort and remote escape.

With a focus on delivering exceptional experiences both inside the resorts and outside of them, Desolation Hotel has become more than a place where modern adventurers can stay and relax during their vacation. It has become a basecamp for exploration; a launching pad for touring, enjoying and celebrating the wonder that is the great American West.

In this episode, Chet shares his inspiring perspective on what it is like to be a lifelong learner and entrepreneur, a believer in the magic of relationships and connection, both to others and with nature. 

Top Takeaways

[1:00] After founding Belkin in his parent’s garage which transpired into more than four decades creating exceptional experiences in the consumer electronics industry, Chet Pipkin yearned to build a community that would synthesize his passion for tech with his love of outdoor exploration.

[5:15] Chet explains his similar approach to technology and hospitality, “Do the hard work upfront to make the experiences simple.” 

[17:30] Faced with the choice to create a nature experience for those outdoor enthusiasts in the bustling town of Lake Tahoe or in the untouched and secluded Hope Valley, Chet and his family decided, why not do both?

[19:30] Desolation Hotel took not only its name, but great design inspiration from the Pipkin family’s decades exploring the Desolation Wilderness.

[27:30] Adventure is in season every season at Lake Tahoe with summer water sports, hiking and biking, and winter skiing available all around town. 

[31:15] Look up at the fall foliage and take in the views of the night sky at Hope Valley, the perfect place to connect to nature and experience the 100 year history of hospitality on property. 

[38:15] How Desolation Hotel is a big experiment in sustainability of not only a business, but in the land, community and guest experience as well. 

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