Is sports making Kansas City better?
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CEP #1 SHOW NOTES This show is part of our Coaching with Purpose Series: Alec and Ryan discuss the question of if sports are making our city better?  This is an intro episode to Module 1 of the Coaching with Purpose Lessons.  Ryan and Alec start with a big picture question: "Is sports making Kansas City a better place?"  Ryan speaks about where CFC fits in helping make Kansas City better? Ryan speaks about the role of kids, parents and coaches in youth sports.  - There is very real battle when watching your own kids play to not intangible yourself in the experience in an unhealthy way. Ask yourself, "Why am I here?" - What is the difference between 100% about the kids and 100% about my KID? - How coaches oversee and direct the whole youth sports process. - The problem of coaches forgetting the purpose of why we have kids do sports.  - The parent test, "Can you celebrate any good play on the field, no matter who makes the play?" - The problem of a vague target?  - How to have an abstract yet specific target. - What are you looking for when you are coaching 6 year olds? - What are you looking for when you are coaching high school players? - How does having a coaching purpose statement change what coaches see on the field?  What is a Coaching Life Group?  What is the benefit of being a part of a Coaching Life Group?  What will a successful group do for a coach? Preview of Lesson 1. RESOURCES / PEOPLE MENTIONED  Joe Ehrmann, InsideOut Coaching (this will be the main book we use for the Coaching with Purpose Lessons we will be going through in this series.)

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