White Homework
White Homework
Mar 7, 2022
Self-Regulation, Racism, and Rest
Play • 27 min

Today we're talking about rest, sleep, and play, and how they are all integral to self-regulation. Humans don't come fully loaded with equal amounts of self-regulation that some people just choose to use and others don't. Making good decisions isn't the default that some nonwhite people just happened to miss out on. The environment you were raised in has a huge impact on how difficult or easy it is for you to delay gratification, plan for the future, employ critical thinking skills when they are most necessary. 

Most people are doing the best they can with the brain chemistry they have. If [redacted] people actually wanted crime to go down, they'd work toward these very attainable goals. And yet.

Play by Stuart Brown

The Racial Inequality of Sleep, The Atlantic (might be paywalled)

Study finds connection between race and sleep, WaPo

The US is the most overworked [wealthy] nation in the world

White Homework
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