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Jun 19, 2019
Melinda Gates on the future. Justin Kan on startups and happiness. Sahil Lavingia and Bryce Roberts on living in Utah. - June 17, 2019
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Thank you for subscribing to Smash Notes weekly, your one stop shop to learn something new. In this update, you will hear about living in the future, being a startup founder, life under Mormon influence, and tips on growing a podcast audience. 

🎇 A quick shout out to Below The Line for crossing 10,000 downloads! James Beshara is doing a great job using Smash Notes to promote his podcast, and it shows. 

Now, this week's summaries.

  • What is the world going to look like in 2030? 
    Melinda Gates helps to answer this question, citing that each UN country has already provided a list of desires, and all we have to do is work on finding them a solution.
  • Would a billion dollars make you happy?
    Justin Kan is a successful startup founder with a ton of experience under his belt. Although some amount of money is better than none, Justin claims that money will not make you happy
    On the other hand, being a startup founder is tremendously rewarding.
  • What's it like to uproot yourself from San Francisco and to move to a small town in Utah? Sahil Lavingia tells his story on Below The Line. Life in a rural town comes with its challenges, and its rewards. Take a look at the whole episode for the summary of Sahil's experience. It's rather good!
    Also, hear what Bryce Roberts, a venture capitalist from Utah, has to say about living in the Salt Lake City.
  • How can I grow listener numbers for my podcast? Ah yes, my fellow podcast hosts, growing  a podcast audience isn't easy, but the host of Disrupting Japan has a few points for all of us.

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~ Kirill Zubovsky

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