The Granville Rail Disaster of 1977 | Episode 8
Play • 42 min
Jean Paul Sartre said Hell is other people, and he’s right. Commuting proves this true. But if you’ve ever been on a train and had someone clip their nails or fall asleep on you, the people of Australia think your complaints are adorable.

If you enjoy the bucolic leisure of a train ride and arriving alive, this is not necessarily the episode for you. On this episode we’re going to talk about people awkwardly Tetrised around debris in the most claustrophobic situation possible, and others who compressed to the height of a business card.

Fun fact: the actual fear of trains is called Siderodromophobia. Whether your fear is about crashing, or the lack of control, or they trigger other phobias like claustrophobia, social phobia or germ phobia, the easily rememberable and pronounceable Siderodromophobia has got you covered.

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