Dealing with In-Laws - LAY DOWN THE LAW
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Everybody gets along better when you know your space, and your place. You get what you tolerate!!!! People only have as much control over you as you give them!

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Hot Marriage. Cool Parents.
Hot Marriage. Cool Parents.
Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner
Ep. 104 Transracial Adoption, Miscarriage, and Rainbow Babies with Jamie’s Girlfran, Jeena Wilder!
We are super excited to share this raw and very vulnerable conversation we were able to have with Jeena Wilder. She’s not only a mama to 4 kiddos, but she is an ultimate boss babe! Her family is truly the modern all American family and it is so inspiring! She absolutely radiates positivity over on IG! Jeena and her hubby are an interracial couple with four beautiful children; one adopted and the others biological, but alllll loved the same!    5:59 - Jeena shares about life right now and also shares some exciting news! 15:12 - Jeena shares about the difficulties of going through a miscarriage as well as getting pregnant during the pandemic.  18:06 - Doug asks, with the pandemic going on, is your birth plan different than when you had your other children?  25:08 - Jeena shares about a time when someone questioned in front of her children if she was her daughter’s mother.   29:43 - Doug asks, how did you bridge the conversation or did you and your husband prepare for the day you had to give that talk?  39:56 - Jamie asks, when people say that their children are too young to talk about race or they don’t see color, what is your response? 43:41 - Jamie asks, if I am a momma, white, black, gray, yellow, whatever and I want to teach my kid about racism, what are some steps that I could take to ensure that my child is growing up with more of an open mind? 47:16 - Doug asks, as far as raising your children, is being Haitian part of raising them as well?  49:01 - Jamie asks, I want to clarify for those listening, so you have 2 biracial kids that you birthed and then you have your daughter who you adopted at the age 2 ½ or so? Is that right? 49:51 - Jamie asks, what brought your daughter to your family? What’s her story?  53:56 - Jamie asks, what is the biggest challenge you have had to face since adopting your daughter because as you know I am really interested! 59:00 - Jeena encourages Jamie and Doug that it is important to understand that adoption is not for everyone, but if you are considering things, she encourages you to look into fostering.     Check back next Friday for another fantastic episode! Wash your hands and wear the dang mask :)   Jeena’s Instagram:   And thank you to our sponsors:   Sweaty Betty - Because you deserve to look amazing before, during and after your workout, go to and use our code HMCP at checkout to get 20% off your purchase.   March of Dimes - January is birth defects prevention month. Some birth defects are preventable and there are steps one can take to minimize the likelihood of your child being born with birth defects. They include: Protect yourself from COVID-19 Be sure to take 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid every day Get a pre-pregnancy checkup Stay up-to-date on vaccines Before you get pregnant, try to reach a healthy weight Avoid substances that are harmful during pregnancy   Learn more at: &   Moshi App - Download the Moshi app on App Store or Google Play Store and get access to a 1 week free trial of Moshi Premium! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Holderness Family Podcast
The Holderness Family Podcast
The Holderness Family
ADHD vs. Anxiety Couples
We're back for 2021, guys! As everyone knows, Penn has ADHD. Basically it’s his superpower. My superpower? Constant worry and dread thanks to anxiety. So how can we learn to work better together being so opposite? Marcy M. Caldwell, Psy.D, a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment and assessment of adult ADHD, joins us to help tackle our different brains instead of each other. Learn more about Dr. Caldwell and her upcoming course at: WE WROTE A BOOK, GUYS! Get your pre-sale copy of Everybody Fights here: Join our Facebook family: Follow the journey on Instagram: @theholdernessfamily Find us on YouTube: Thank you for being here! Would you consider leaving a review? We also love feedback: About the Holderness Family : Penn, Kim, Lola, and Penn Charles Holderness create original music, parodies, and Vlogs for YouTube and Facebook to poke fun of themselves and celebrate the absurdity in circumstances most families face in their day to day life. They published "Christmas Jammies" in December 2013 and life hasn't been the same. Since then, their popular parodies, "All About That Baste", "Baby Got Class," and original music "Snow Day" have received national news coverage. Penn, the Dad, took a chance and left his job as a news anchor to join his wife Kim, the Mom, at their video production and digital marketing company, Greenroom Communications, LLC. Lola and Penn Charles are always happy, respectful and eat all of their vegetables (that last sentence is a lie). The Holderness Family Podcast is Produced and Engineered by Max Trujillo of Trujillo Media.
42 min
An Acquired Taste Podcast
An Acquired Taste Podcast
300: When to Give Up (or Double Down!) on Your Dreams & Weird News Rundown!
It’s our 300th episode! *clink!* Bethany is getting honest about a struggle she’s been having: when is it time to give up on your dream? More importantly, when ISN’T it time? Bethany helps you figure out when your big goals are healthy, and when it’s time to leave them behind. Then, Kathleen is bringing back Weird News Rundown! Put on your tinfoil hat because she’s talking secret government documents, a “who can swim under the ice for the longest” record, and that dude in a jetpack who maybe isn’t Elon Musk. #MuskMoves Check out our *NEW* merch! —>  --------- Please support the companies that support us!  Usual Wines - Each bottle is 6.3 oz - a heavy pour or about a glass and a half of wine. Plus they’re low-carb and zero sugar! Check out their website at ( and use our discount code “TASTE” for $8 off your first order and try your first glass on us!   Brüush - This is the electric toothbrush Kathleen and Bethany can’t stop talking about! Get 15% off your Brüush toothbrush kit and refill plan when you use promo code TASTE at (     Talkspace - Talkspace lets you sign up online AND start therapy the same day! As a listener of this podcast, you’ll get $100 off of your first month. To match with a licensed therapist today, go to ( or download the app, and use the code TASTE to get $100 off of your first month and show your support for the show! --------- 89 Best Truth-or-Dare Questions & Dares! —>  Yanis Marshall’s choreography for “Baby One More Time” —>  Bethany’s favorite LED strip lights! —> (Note: An Acquired Taste may earn a small commission through Amazon, although Bethany didn’t know that when she talked about how much she loved these lights :) --> BETHANY’S SOURCES KATHLEEN’S SOURCES,for%20longest%20under%2Dice%20swim.&text=Yekaterina%20Nekrasova%2C%2040%2C%20wore%20only,ice%20without%20surfacing%20for%20air.
1 hr 28 min
Evidence Based Birth®
Evidence Based Birth®
Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN
EBB 160 - Introducing Mystique Hargrove: EBB Featured Instructor and Podcast Coordinator
On today’s podcast, we will be speaking with Mystique Hargrove, EBB Featured Instructor, and our new Podcast Coordinator. Mystique (She/They) is a certified full spectrum doula who serves BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of color), and LGBTQ+ individuals in Greensboro, North Carolina. Mystique also serves as an advisory board member for the United States Lactation Consultant Association, and is a Certified Lactation Educator, as well as a Certified Childbirth Educator. Mystique completed her Master of Science in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling from North Carolina A&T State University, along with a Marriage and Family Counseling Certification. Mystique earned a Certification in Wellness and Nutrition Consulting and Counseling, and her Certification in Reiki I and II, along with her certification as a Reiki Master. As a Black, Latinx, and Indigenous birth worker, Mystique has experience in herbal medicine and ancestral healing practices under Black, Latinx, and Indigenous teachers, and elder curanderas, or healers, in her community. Currently, Mystique is a Ph.D. student at Capella University for Counselor Education and Supervision, with a research focus on Inclusive Services and Advocacy in Perinatal Mental Health for Black, LGBTQ+ individuals. Content Warning: In this episode, we will talk about birth trauma and birth and perinatal mortality. We talk about Mystique’s role as our new EBB Podcast Coordinator and her expectations for future podcast episodes. We also talk about Mystique’s experience as a birth worker in her community and what challenges she is faced with as an advocate for inclusive perinatal care for marginalized communities. Learn more about Mystique and The Black Birth Healer ( Follow Mystique on Facebook ( and Instagram ( Learn more about Janiya Williams ( and her Human Lactation Pathway 2 Certification Program at NC A&T State University ( Follow Mahoghany Milk on Facebook ( and Instagram ( Learn more about Dr. Juan Michelle Martin here ( Follow Dr. Martin on Instagram here ( View Dr. Martin’s pelvic floor topic videos on YouTube for JMM Health Solutions here ( Learn more about National College of Midwifery ( Follow National College of Midwifery on Facebook ( Learn more about Dr. Cheryl Beck ( For more information and news about Evidence Based Birth®, visit Find us on Facebook (, Instagram (, and Pinterest ( Ready to get involved? Check out our Professional membership (including scholarship options) ( Find an EBB Instructor here (, and click here ( to learn more about the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class.
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