The Cholesterol War: Is It Good Or Bad For You?
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Is cholesterol good or bad for you? How should you treat your serum cholesterol levels in the blood? Is LDL-C the best marker to look at when analyzing your cardiovascular health? 

In this episode, Joe dives deep into the complex and controversial world of cholesterol, examining the ongoing debate around its impact on cardiovascular health.

First, he breaks down the different viewpoints that dominate the topic of cholesterol, discussing the positives and negatives of each one. He also delves into various factors contributing to cardiovascular disease and how cholesterol fits into the bigger picture.

Then, he explores 10 lesser-known benefits of lipoproteins and cholesterol, including cellular repair, hormone production, mood improvement, and more. Joe explains the different markers we should consider when assessing cardiovascular risk, such as non-HDL Cholesterol, ApoB, and LDL particle size.

Finally, Joe shares his own experiences and offers his own approach on how to deal with cholesterol on a personalized level.

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(0:00) - Introduction

(01:09) - The cholesterol wars

(02:55) - 10 Benefits of lipoproteins

(10:46) - The tricky issues of cholesterol

(18:11) - LDL, ApoB and Cardiovascular Disease

(22:30) - The increase in evidence since 2015

(25:25) - Does lower cholesterol always mean better?

(29:49) - Looking at the big picture

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