Uncovering the myths and secrets of street / stage hypnosis - with Daniël
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Many of us only know hypnosis from what's shown on TV or on other entertainment platforms. In fact, this was my experience as well: I came across hypnosis first on a cruise ship, where a stage hypnotist had guests perform and act like chicken and dogs. I refused to be hypnotized. Of course, his hypnosis didn't work on me. Back then, I didn't know why and I was skeptical about hypnosis.

Today's podcast will provide you with insight into the mind of a street hypnotist and his tricks.

With Daniël, we also discussed:

- How to pick someone to hypnotize in the street

- Various tricks a street hypnotist can do

- Whether or not age or nationality affected hypnotizablity

- How to learning hypnosis can improve communication skills

...and more.

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