Learn how to manifest your dream life from a coach who went from deportation to successful location-independent biz owner - with Stef Ventura
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You’re on Tinder and you match with a cute girl.

Right before your first date, she tells you that she just met an amazing girl through Facebook and they’re hanging out now, so she asks you if it’s ok if it’s the three of you for the date.

You say yes – because why not?

And then these girls start talking about angel numbers, unicorns, crystals, journeys, hypnosis, and other stuff that you’re not familiar with.

What do you do?

You stay and listen and never see her again.

Now that, friends and listeners, is a true story.

This week’s episode’s guest Stef and I met last year in Amsterdam about two hours before I was supposed to go on a Tinder date. But Stef and I ended up having such a great time that we didn’t want to end our date yet, so my poor Tinder date became a third wheel. After that, Stef and I met up with two other practicing hypnotists to practice inductions and Stef led a Shamanic Journey for us.

In today’s episode, Stef and I discuss where spirituality and the subconscious meet.

Stef is a former health coach turned Psychic Business Empowerment Coach, who is helping clients unblock their limiting beliefs, so they achieve their dreams.

Because Stef openly and honestly shares how she destroys her own limiting beliefs and where this leads her on Facebook, I was / am able to see this girl manifest the ish out of her life within this past year:

-  Location independence

-  A romantic relationship  

-  Gorgeous Airbnbs

-  Apartments

-  Money

-  and more.

But Stef’s life wasn’t always like this. An undocumented immigrant, she was deported at age 19 and had to start over completely in a country that wasn’t her home.

She’s definitely one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to manifesting and embracing your inner unicorn. I got her on this podcast because I wanted you to listen to how she gets what wants because she aligns herself.

We also discussed

-  the importance of journal writing

-  channeling

-  the importance for coaches to create independent individuals

-  her experience at a Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat and how it helped her overcome physical pain

-  and more.

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