Channeling the most advanced souls, the Ascended Masters - with Lexi Endter
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The first time my client Lexi and I channeled the Masters unintentionally. They just came through her. After the session, she cried and was amazed by the energy that had been in her body. She didn't even know who the Masters were - probably for our luck because that way, she was open for anything to happen).

The Masters are the most advanced souls we can encounter through meditation, hypnosis, shamanic journeys, psychedelics, NDEs, and other means of your brain being in a theta state. Anyone willing to connect to them, can. They love to share their wisdom, especially if you have great intentions.

If you're familiar with Abraham Hicks, think of the Masters as Abraham Hicks. Esther channels Abraham. My client Lexi channels The Masters. Different names for the same collective of advanced souls. 

The second time Lexi and I connected, the Masters told us to make a podcast episode with them. So that's what we did.

Join us as we hypnotize Lexi to the point where she meets a Master, Sam, who shared his wisdom with us on this podcast. We asked Sam questions from you (my online followers), such as:

  • Does everything that happens to us have a meaning? 
  • Do we meet everyone for a reason?
  • What comes after death?
  • "Ask the Universe for what you want" vs "If you want something, work for it"
  • What will the world look like in 2020?
  • Are our lives destined?
  • Did Jesus intend to make a religion on earth and has his soul been reincarnated?
  • How do I find my spiritual gift and develop it?
  • Will we find a way to save this planet (ecologically speaking)?

Thank you for submitting all your questions!

Find Lexi Endter here (especially if you need help with podcast editing ;) ):

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