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Dec 5, 2022
How Mac Reddin started Commsor, Community Club and the community-led movement
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Mac is the founder/CEO of Commsor and Community club - 2 names that everyone in the community industry is familiar with. He is an entrepreneur, a visionary and the originator of the community-led movement. 

Commsor provides software, strategic services and education to help companies unlock the power of community-led growth. Every guest that we’ve talked to has attributed getting help from their "Community Club" community when they were starting out in the industry.

In this episode:

  • (01:21) - The stupid little hackathon idea called “Commsponsor”
  • (08:52) - Starting Community Club before even having a LinkedIn account
  • (17:21) - 9 months, 50 investor meetings to raise the pre-seed round
  • (22:00) - Was he bullish about the community-led vision in the early Commsor days?
  • (25:30) - How running a Minecraft server prepared him for building the Community Club community
  • (35:45) - Why a 4000-member community is Commsor’s most important asset
  • (40:30) - How you should sell to your community without turning members off
  • (44:00) - One of the biggest mistakes businesses made in the last 2 decades
  • (48:07) - What leverage can a single community manager have?
  • (52:30) - Which community does Mac most enjoy as a member

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