Self Storage Lab
Self Storage Lab
Mar 28, 2023
ChatGPT Update! Things are moving fast
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Cool Use Cases or Examples

  • Lease summaries
  • Prompt Engineering
  • Real time Ad Generation based on your product following, research, and search behavior
  • Create instant copy and formatting for a website

How Self Storage can leverage GPT-powered tools

  • How swivl is taking advantage of this technology and how operators are using it TODAY
  • Introducing Agent Assist for faster response times
  • Introducing Conversation Summary for an instant overview of an interaction with a current customer
  • Use Cases and Limitations

How swivl thinks about Intelligent Automation

  • The new Tier 0 to deflect and automate
  • Smart routing to the right team member
  • More Efficient Knowledge workers

What’s new in AI this week

  • Open AI + Microsoft  Bing AI
  • Google’s Bard AI + Demo Mishap 
  • ChatGPT’s 100m Monthly Users
  • The rise of competitors

[38:00 mark] — Deep Dive into AI market in general

  • OpenAI: From nonprofit to for profit.
  • Bing chats with itself
  • The story behind Sydney cc: Ben Thompson
  • Prompt Engineering
  • Difference between chatGPT and GPT3.5


  • What are hallucinations?
  • Trust and Safety Layer: the layer in between model and user interface
  • Human Factor Reinforcement Learning

History of OpenAI’s Large Language Model

  • What datasets was chatGPT trained on?
  • Are chatgpt users the product now?
  • Big Data vs Your Data

What’s up next?

  • Google v Microsoft v Amazon v Meta
  • Consumer AI tech vs Enterprise AI tech
  • The importance of business context when leveraging GPT and LLMs
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