100things Podcast
100things Podcast
May 18, 2020
List Item #2: Marry a Stranger in Vegas | 100things Podcast | Episode 2
Play • 1 hr 34 min

Join hosts Sebastian Terry & Todd Duncan on this episode as they re-visit one of the most outrageous items from Seb's list #2 Marry a Stranger in Vegas.  

Speaking live to Seb's Vegas wife, Chiaveli, for the first time since their marriage over 10 years ago, the boys also track down his bestman, Lester, for a quick chat as they reminisce on how close the wedding was to not happening at all!  

The boys first discuss the tragic loss of one of Seb's close friends that acted as the catalyst for his Vegas mission, and in fact the creation of his whole 100things list.  

They then peel back the events that led up to the wedding, from his first proposal and being stood up at the alter by a mud-wrestling exotic-dancer, to being saved of embarrassment by the worlds most eligible receptionist and losing $1000 of black at a roulette table at the wedding reception.  

Chiaveli joins the boys to share her account of what happened and reacts to hearing the news from Todd that she was in fact a replacement wife. Awkward!  

Throw in a cameo from Seb's bestman who seemingly can't remember Seb's name and you have all the ingredients for the one of the most unexpected stories you've ever heard.  

Check out Sebastian's full 100things list at http://www.100things.com.au #whatsonyourlist

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