How to use Quora effectively
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Quora is a social platform where you can ask questions and also contribute with answers for different topics related to an industry.

1. CREATE THE OPTIMAL QUORA PROFILE Every time you leave an answer, a bit of your bio is viewable right at the top. This is a great opportunity to extend a little branding. Quora shows the first 50 characters of your profile (your name and bio) as a tagline above your answer. Mention your brand name as close to the beginning as you can. Your full bio can contain clickable links and even @-mentions. Go ahead and complete your Quora profile as much as possible. Add a detailed About Me section. Add your areas of expertise / Topic Experience. Add your interests, previous companies and connect your other social media accounts

2. FOLLOW TOPICS IN YOUR INDUSTRY Quora is great for market research of your business. Use the search functionality to learn what people are asking about your industry. Click through to a topic page to see an extra list of related topics to follow along the side. Have these questions and answers sent to your inbox every day

3. FIND INFLUENCERS TO FOLLOW When you search for a topic, you also get the most viewed writers. You can also search for users to follow and be notified of their newest answers. For blog posts, search for the blog name or author. Follow people based on their relevance and number of answers

4. CONTRIBUTE AND CREATE ON QUORA Search for your chosen topic. This will narrow down the questions significantly. Find recent most threads with high upvotes & capitalize. Ask relevant questions and find new ideas to talk about. Repurpose your content through a Quora blog by creating blog posts that answer specific questions. Add links of answers that you have submitted and lead people back to those question threads. Lead back people from those question threads onto your blog

A note of caution - Don't self promote / over promote. No one likes Mr. “I-Am-Great”. Don't try and market your site or product too hard, unless it adds value. If you really have to, make sure you put a disclaimer. Add value by giving the askers of questions a useful and insightful answer

Make sure your answers are well researched as relevant content gets the up-votes. The best answers provide statistics, sources, and references. If you don’t? Your answer may be hidden or “collapsed”

5. ANALYZE YOUR PRESENCE ON QUORA Quora provides free analytics showing you a detailed breakdown of the following: Views, Upvotes, Shares and displaying these stats for - The questions you ask, the answers you give and the blog posts you write - Basically, all the content you contribute.

6. BUILD A QUORA PAGE FOR YOUR BUSINESS Just like Wikipedia you can create a page for your business. Start by searching for your business’s name. From the results page, click “Topics” in it left column and “Create a New Topic”


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