Behavior Bitches
Behavior Bitches
Dec 28, 2020
Holiday Special: Dating Across Cultures with 3 special ladies!
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On episode 80 The Bitches bring on three of our favorite ladies to talk about dating across different cultures! This podcast is #realAF and super special for the new year (almost a 2 hour episode so buckle up). As always, it is a shit load of fun and behavior all packed into one. We get personal and share all of our dating stories and let us tell you, it is juicy. So tune in or miss the F out!
The Behavioral Observations Podcast with Matt Cicoria
The Behavioral Observations Podcast with Matt Cicoria
Matt Cicoria
A Conversation with Vince Carbone: Session 150
In Session 150 of The Behavioral Observations Podcast, I got a chance to finally interview Dr. Vince Carbone. In our conversation we covered a lot of interesting topics. Instead of covering the ins and outs of Verbal Behavior - the topic it's fair to say that Vince is best known for - we talked about the history and evolution of the field of Behavior Analysis. Specifically, we discussed how he transitioned from aspiring baseball player to Psychology student, what the field was like when he first got started, his early career experiences in the Juvenile Justice and public education systems, and why he started the Carbone clinics. We spend a fair amount of time on his ideas for sustainably growing an ABA practice, including how he built a pipeline of exceptional clinicians and some of the challenges he sees in the field as a whole. Vince also shared many anecdotes from his various interactions with B.F. Skinner. Additionally, Vince shared his thoughts on the recent passing of Jack Michael. Here are a few references that were mentioned in the show: * Why are we not acting to save the world? * Reflections on Behaviorism and Society. * The B.F. Skinner Foundation. * Carbone and Lynch (1982). The Functional Analysis of Behavior in a Juvenile Detention Facility. Vince will be giving two talks at the 2021 Verbal Behavior Conference, which is on April 22-23, and is brought to you by my friends at the Central Texas Autism Center. There will be many other great speakers at the conference as well, and like last year, they invited me to facilitate a panel discussion, so if you'd like to learn more, click here to learn more. If you decide to register, use the code Podcast10 to save 10% at checkout! Today's episode is brought to you with the generous support of the following: * Essential For Living. The Essential for Living is the most comprehensive life skills curriculum and teaching handbook on the market today. It is designed for both children and adults with moderate-to-severe disabilities, including, but not limited to autism. The EFL is extraordinarily helpful in guiding the instruction of all adults with moderate-to-severe intellectual disabilities. To learn more, go to, and if you decide to purchase any EFL materials, use the code BOEFL to save 10% off your order now through the end of March! * How-to-ABA. Being a BCBA can be lonely and overwhelming. At, we help BCBA’s feel supported and confident by providing easy to access printables, CEU's and a collaborative community. Also, your monthly pro membership includes access to CEU’s! Along with the community of over 1000 ABA professionals, will help you save time, feel confident and master what you love! For more information, Go to When you join today and use code BOP, you’ll receive 10% off a yearly subscription (includes CEU’s!). * Behavioral Observations Patreon. A lot of folks have been joining the BOP Patreon Group since its launch in January. So if you're interested in getting awesome discounts for professional development from FTF, accessing an ad-free podcast feed, listening to bonus patrons-only content, and more, head over to
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Soul-Sourced Business Podcast
Soul-Sourced Business Podcast
Christine Kane
The Energy Of Completion
Does this sound like you ever? On any given day, you could complete dozens of menial tasks, like cleaning the stove or loading the dishwasher. But sit your ass down to work on your website copy for 30 minutes? Oh, hell to the no. Some people call this procrastination. I do not. In today’s episode, I highlight what’s often missing for us Soul-Sourced™ entrepreneurs. (It’s really the hidden cause of procrastination!) So if you need a skip-in-your-step to get that important work done, then this one's for you. Today you’re going to meet a client of mine who believed setting big intentions would manifest the motivation she needed to make them happen. Spoiler: it didn’t. She called this a “procrastination problem” but it was actually something much more sneaky. Big aspirations aren’t the driving factor for us from day to day. Surprisingly, it’s more about the progress we make towards a big goal. There’s more to the energy of completion than simply marking a task off your to-do list. To demonstrate how this works, I’m sharing my 3-step method to maining progress with large goals and managing expectations for yourself - because we’re not robots here, there’s something more that drives us. You’ll hear how I trained my brain to embrace the process of songwriting, and the game-changing trick I teach all my clients that finally gets the pesky lizard brain to focus on one thing at a time. You may be surprised how this simple approach dramatically improves your energy level as a business owner so you feel good every step of the way towards that big achievement!
26 min
Veggie Doctor Radio
Veggie Doctor Radio
Yami Cazorla-Lancaster, DO, MPH, MS, FAAP
145: Parent-Child Relationships with Dr. Siggie Cohen (Relationship Series)
In this episode of Veggie Doctor Radio, I have a conversation with Dr. Siggie Cohen about the parent-child relationship. About featured guest: Dr. Siggie Cohen has been working with kids and families of all kind for over 35 years in the Los Angeles area and abroad, first as a teacher and then as a Child Development Specialist. She specializes in emotional and behavioral challenges, transitions and trauma. She's also a mother of 3. DR. SIGGIE COHEN Disclaimer: The information on this blog, website and podcast is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to replace careful evaluation and treatment. If you have concerns about your or your child’s eating, nutrition or growth, consult a doctor. I have an affiliate partnership with Splendid Spoon where you can get $25 off your first order if you want to give it a try! Splendid spoon offers pre-made smoothies, juice shots and delicious bowls that require no preparation besides heating up! Shop my favorite things Please support my work, become a Patreon Mentions: A Parent’s Guide to Intuitive Eating: How to Raise Kids Who Love to Eat Healthy by Dr. Yami Leave an 'Amazon Review' MORE LISTENING OPTIONS Apple Podcasts: Spotify: NEWSLETTER SIGN UP OR Text 'FIBER' to 668-66 FIND ME AT * * * * MORE FROM ME Read - Listen: Watch - TEDx Talk - * * * * Questions? Email me:
1 hr 20 min
The Egg Whisperer Show
The Egg Whisperer Show
Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh
Does having a light period mean I have a thin uterine lining? (Ask The Egg Whisperer)
On today’s podcast, I’m sharing an Ask The Egg Whisperer episode. CJ writes in after having a miscarriage. Here’s part of her question, “I’m 37 yrs old, have 13 months of infertility! I've been through the ANGEL method tests and nothing screams out – My periods are very light (not a new thing post-D&C) - only 1.5 days and 2 tsp of blood; often brown and small clots. OB doesn't think this is an issue- called me "lucky.” I'm trying baby aspirin and vitamin E this month, but I've tried baby aspirin in the past. Does a light period mean thin lining? Any thoughts?” Here are some of my thoughts for CJ, and anyone who is going through something similar. Listen to your gut. Your uterus is telling you a story. Your uterus is saying “pay attention to me.” Of course, what I talk about here on Instagram and on The Egg Whisperer Show is just for educational purposes and not meant to replace medical advice from your personal physician. So if you're a patient of mine, I would say this: sounds like we need to rule out Asherman's syndrome. Asherman's Syndrome is when your lining gets really thin, and one of the risk factors for Asherman's syndrome is a D+C procedure. You also shared that even before the D+C maybe your lining was a little light. It's very possible that the thin lining is interfering with the healthy implantation and might increase your risk of having implantation issues and a miscarriage. To submit your own question to Dr. Aimee for a future episode of Ask The Egg Whisperer, click here. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more fertility tips! Join Egg Whisperer School
54 min
Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience
Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience
Cyrus Khambatta, PhD & Robby Barbaro, MPH (both living with type 1 diabetes
Down 60+ lbs, Off 3 BP Meds, A1c Down in 3 Months...Meet Michael – E110
Micheal was diagnosed with pre-diabetes one day and type 2 diabetes the next. ⁣ He heard the @richroll podcast that we were guests on and it gave him an immediate dose of hope that he desperately needed. He had lost his father to type 2 diabetes so Michael decided he owed it to his father to do everything he could to conquer his health. He completely transformed his health in just 3 months. Michael was able to get rid of all of his medications and his sleep apnea machine, so no more snoring according to Michaels's wife! His energy is through the roof! He went from living in a fog to mental focus and clarity. His wife has PCOS and has been able to lose weight and gain more energy by following the same diet 🍓🥦🍍🍅🥝🌽.⁣ ⁣ Listen to his story and prepare to be amazed!⁣ We would love for you to leave us a review on iTunes. The truth is every review counts and helps further our mission to spread the word about reversing insulin resistance in 1 million people. Please take two minutes, head to the iTunes Store on your phone or computer, and leave a review for this podcast. We really appreciate it and look forward to reading your honest opinion. If you are looking for more information please visit our website at to learn evidence-based science, get free recipes, and take our insulin resistance quiz!
13 min
Knead to Know
Knead to Know
Bold Baking Network
#3: TV Host & Cookbook Author Zoë Francois, Donuts from Mars, and Mind Kaling's Wax Paper Love
Here's episode #3 of Knead to Know, the first-ever baking podcast all about the hottest buzz in baking! Today's show: Mindy Kaling's love for wax paper, the Pie + Quesadilla TikTok trend, and is there a RIGHT way to measure flour? Plus dive deep with Guest Zoë François! Show notes: Hot From The Oven: Let’s talk about how Mindy Kaling has a bone to pick with parchment paper, why the "Piedilla" baking recipe is taking TikTok by storm, and why measuring flour is so hard! Get everything you Knead to Know this week! Ask Gemma: Mia gets Gemma’s professional opinions about what exactly wax paper does for a baker, whether or not brownies are hand-food or need a fork-and-plate, and sneak peeks at what's on the horizon for Bigger Bolder Baking! At The Counter Guest: She's a TV Host, cookbook author, genius baker, and absolutely fascinating — Zoë François! Zoe lives in Minnesota with her husband, sons, and poodles — and why yes, she did happen to grow up on a commune in Vermont! Let's find out what makes her the incredible baker she is. Check out her upcoming cookbook, Zoë Bakes Cakes, here: Get more Bigger Bolder Baking and the Bold Baking Network! Website: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Find the whole list of show notes, including links and sources, here: We’d love to feature your brand! Contact for advertising and sponsorship opportunities with the subject “K2K Sponsor” ABOUT GEMMA STAFFORD Gemma Stafford is an Irish-born chef, best-selling cookbook author, and host of the hit online baking show Bigger Bolder Baking. Gemma helps anyone bake with confidence anytime, anywhere with her chef-tested recipes and techniques that take the fear out of baking. Her videos have been viewed more than 350 million times and she has more than 8 million fans (“Bold Bakers”) online. She has been featured on numerous TV shows and as a guest judge on the Food Network’s Best Baker in America and Nailed It! on Netflix. Every day Gemma connects with her millions of fans online via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and her website She lives in Santa Monica, California with her husband and producer, Kevin, new baby, George, and dog, Waffles. ABOUT MIA BRABHAM Mia Brabham is a writer, host, and digital personality with a love for people, hearty conversation, and anything hot from the oven. With over two million video views on her YouTube channel, a series of blogs that have reached hundreds, and a debut book that’s reached readers all over the world, she’s always looking to inspire and empower people to be themselves. When she’s not working or writing, Mia is probably gathering a group of friends for karaoke, planning her next day trip, or baking banana bread. ABOUT THE BOLD BAKING NETWORK The Bold Baking Network is your #1 authority for everything baking. The Network is led by Chef Gemma Stafford, co-creator and host of Bigger Bolder Baking, and co-creator and Executive Producer Kevin Kurtz. Our mission is to bring you the most diverse voices from baking experts and enthusiasts to help anyone bake with confidence anytime, anywhere. Our purpose is to bring YOU joy every day through baking. The Knead to Know Podcast is our first new Bold Baking Network show where you can get the hottest buzz in baking every week. Make
46 min
Evidence Based Birth®
Evidence Based Birth®
Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN
EBB 165 - Fetal Position During Labor with L&D Nurse, Ann Marie Gilligan
On today's podcast, we talk with L&D nurse, Ann Marie Gilligan, about perinatal positioning during labor. Ann is a labor and delivery nurse in Minnesota, who is trained in high-risk obstetrics and advanced fetal monitoring, certified through Waterbirth International and also, certified as a sexual assault nurse examiner. Ann has 30 years of labor and delivery experience, ranging from the start-up team for an independent birth center to working at a level three high-risk labor and delivery unit to working as a legal nurse consultant and prenatal yoga instructor. Ann has extensive experience caring for families who want an unmedicated birth as well as caring for people with high-risk conditions, such as pre-eclampsia, uncontrolled diabetes, postpartum hemorrhage, and sepsis. Ann has also traveled to Bolivia and Tanzania, where she taught high-risk obstetrics and maternal positioning for optimal fetal positioning. More recently, Ann became an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor in 2020 and is a Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner. We talk about maternal positioning and its effect on fetal positioning during labor. We also talk about Ann’s vast experience as an L&D nurse and her web-based resource, Gilligan's Guide, where Ann teaches physicians, nurses, and families the importance of infant positioning for birth. Learn about Ann Marie Gilligan and Gilligan’s Guide here ( Follow Ann on Instagram here ( Learn about EBB instructor, Rhonda Fellows, Learn about Oily Doula MN here ( and follow Oily Doula MN on Facebook ( and Instagram ( Learn more about Spinning Babies® here ( For more information and news about Evidence Based Birth®, visit Find us on Facebook (, Instagram (, and Pinterest ( Ready to get involved? Check out our Professional membership (including scholarship options) ( Find an EBB Instructor here (, and click here ( to learn more about the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class.
1 hr 3 min
How to Decorate
How to Decorate
Ballard Designs
Ep. 186: designer Traci Connell
Today’s guest is Dallas-based interior designer and business coach Traci Connell. Traci’s work has been featured in Traditional Home, Luxe Magazine, and many more. Traci is known for her signature method, “Ease of Glamour”, where she aims to create homes that are easy to design, easy to live in, and overall practical. She tells us what it means to make a home “bulletproof”, how she implements technology in her process, her advice for emerging designers, and more. What You’ll Hear on This Episode: Trials & Triumphs about dust jackets on books, a black cat on a white sofa, spring planting projects, and some funny decorating videos on designer Kevin Isbell’s Instagram. What Traci means by “bulletproof” homes and the evolution of performance fabrics. What is on the horizon for performance design? When is it okay to choose something more delicate in design? How Traci uses technology to improve clients’ ease of living. What Traci does to make large, open homes feel cozier. How to divide a space with drapery. When to use something classic vs. when to push boundaries. How Traci designed a house for a client that wanted no accessories. Why renovation is more challenging than new construction. What elements does Traci find make a home more joyful? Tips from Traci for aspiring and emerging designers. Decorating Dilemma  Hi Courtney, The biggest hiccup here is that it’s a long, narrow space. My initial thought is to flip the areas and put the TV over the fireplace. Then a sofa right in front on the wall in front of the fireplace. There is no room for a coffee table, but you could put two storage ottomans on either side of the sofa in a matching or coordinating fabric. Then you could roll those over when you’re watching TV and almost create a modular-type sectional. At the door where there is a bookshelf of shoes, I think you could use some vertical storage. You could definitely put a little rug right there, too. On the other side of the room where there is a door opening, you could flank two matching storage bookcases and you could store the toys there. That far side of the room is great for a play area. We think toy storage should not be in the entryway but rather where the playing happens…unless they are outside toys! You could also put two swivel chairs there that could be moved around. For the windows, I would add some panels in white oak or seagrass. For the window coverings, I would add Roman shades to all of the windows to match what you already have. If you do move the TV to the rock wall, I would add a light fixture that’s tight to the ceiling but sprawls out. Since you like the blue, you could paint the ceiling a light grey-blue in a satin or flat finish. You could even match the color inside the built-ins. If you really do entertain in this room, you could also add a mobile bar cart. The modular approach to the room will definitely give you more flexibility. For the dining room area with that “awkward space”, I would take out the white shelves in those curved niches. Then maybe wallpaper back in there and/or do floating shelves so it doesn’t go wall-to-wall. You can change the hardware and leave the bottom, but I love the curve. In the middle, if you can, take it all out. A nice and airy art light with a beautiful piece of large art would be lovely. The buffet can then be on the other wall for more storage. And then move a light over there, as well. Where that hole in the floor is where the hearth was, hopefully, you can patch it with wood because it doesn’t seem like you really want a fireplace. A little bit of construction there, but not too much. Well, there you go, Courtney! Those are your marching orders! Good luck! Mentioned in This Episode: Eden Brothers (Atlanta) Kevin Isbell Instagram Traci Connell Interiors Traci Connell Business Coach Traci Connell Instagram Traci’s Online Design
1 hr 7 min
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