Behavior Bitches
Behavior Bitches
Aug 19, 2019
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On episode 11 we get right to the point: Anxiety sucks. Whether you’re overthinking that email you wrote in response to your boss or thinking about what might happen at dinner with your new dude you met on Bumble; you get the whole anxiety thing. Ever feel like you’re falling and it won’t stop? Do you feel like you’re overwhelmed AF by everything and nothing at the same time? Are you always on edge? Why the F won’t my brain stop going and going? When you’re finally “relaxed” and then you acknowledge the fact that you aren’t anxious in that moment, so now you’re anxious #FML. If you can relate way too much to all of this tune in today’s episode. We have Andrea Kotler, an OG BCBA, here to talk with us about #anxiety and the behavioral principles behind it.  

Show notes: 

The Happiness Trap: Russ Harris 

Get out of your mind and into your Life: Steven Hayes

*Important: We are in no way professionals in ACT or CBT therapy. We are just two chicks who love to read, research, and find healthy ways to help deal with anxiety because that shit is hard.*

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