Behavior Bitches
Behavior Bitches
Aug 12, 2019
Online Shopping: Oops I Clicked It Again
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On today’s episode we have Tobey Lass (Liat’s supervisor from back when) on to discuss an issue that we all know way too well: Online Shopping. Wait what, why are there 73 Amazon packages at my door? Um, excuse me you actually think I am going to order something on your website if you don’t have free shipping? I guess I need those pickle shaped bandaids because they are so cute and the blogger I follow uses them. If I don’t like it I can always return it. Holy sh*t those Gelly Roll Pens are on sale. I do have 4,547 already but I totally need this pack. Buzzfeed lists of the 25 items you NEED to make your life easier. Sold! Sound familiar? Then tune in! 

Show Notes:

Weng, M. L. (2015). Antecedents and consequences of e-shopping: An integrated model. Internet Research, 25(2), 184-217. doi:

Jayawardhena, C. (2004). Personal values' influence on e-shopping attitude and behaviour. Internet Research, 14(2), 127-138. doi:

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The Behavioral Observations Podcast with Matt Cicoria
The Behavioral Observations Podcast with Matt Cicoria
Matt Cicoria
Lessons from Implementing the PFA Process: Session 145 with The Consultants for Children
In Session 145, I speak with Deidre Sturm and Anne Denning from The Consultants for Children, an agency that supports individuals with ASD based out of Colorado. Together, Anne and Deidre tell the story of how they completely revamped their agency’s approach to supporting individuals with problem behavior. After not seeing much success with their existing functional assessment practices, they dove deep into the work of Dr. Greg Hanley and his colleagues. After taking all the online professional development that’s available on the IISCA or PFA approach, Deidre and Anne, along with the rest of their colleagues at The Consultants for Children, began slowly rolling out this process on an agency-wide basis. During this conversation, we cover how they got started, what they’ve learned from implementing these procedures “in the real world” – especially in the context of telehealth – and lots more. Here are the links to the resources we discuss: * FTF Behavioral Consultants’ online course library (Patron discount available!). * Greg’s companion website, Practical Functional Assessment. * The IISCA App. * Cusp Emergence University (Dr. Camille Kolu’s online training resources for Trauma Informed Care). * CEU’s from The Behavioral Observation Podcast (Patron discount available!). * Greg Hanley’s appearances on the BOP. * Camille Kolu’s appearance on the BOP. * WYZE Indoor Cameras (Amazon associate link). * Children’s Habilitation Rehabilitation Program Waiver (CHRP; State of Colorado). As an aside, an ad-free version show has already been shared with members of my Patreon group, which you can learn more about at Also, if you're a member of the All-Access Patron Tier or above, you have access to 20% discount codes to FTF's online trainings. There are more benefits available too, but this one alone is literally worth the cost on its own. Session 145 is also brought to you with support from: * Gateway Learning Group, and their Autism Leadership Academy. Designed for new Regional Directors, the Autism Leadership Academy develops motivated BCBAs into successful leaders in the autism field. If you’re interested in running your own regional center and want to learn the skills to do so successfully, check out Note: Immediate openings available in Texas. BCBAs across the U.S. are encouraged to apply! * HRIC Recruiting. Barb Voss has been placing BCBAs in permanent positions throughout the US for just about a decade, and has been in the business more generally for 30 years. When you work with HRIC, you work directly with Barb, thereby accessing highly personalized service. So if you're about to graduate, you're looking for a change of pace, or you just want to know if the grass really is greener on the other side, head over to to schedule a confidential chat right away.
1 hr 8 min
ABA Inside Track
ABA Inside Track
Robert Parry-Cruwys
Episode 154 - Mindfulness in Classroom Management
While mindfulness may feel like the new hotness, is there anything in the research that supports its effectiveness in improving classroom behavior? This week we stop our deep breathing exercises to discuss just what makes mindfulness so popular, whether the results match the increased fervor, and whether behavior analysts should be paying attention. If you enjoy this week’s episode on mindfulness, keep an eye on your feed for a bonus episode coming out later this month with the authors of one of the mindfulness curricula that we discuss! Articles discussed this episode: Klingbeil, D.A., Fischer, A.J., Renshaw, T.L., Bloomfield, B.S., Polakoff, B., Willenbrink, J.B., Copek, R.A., & Chan K.T. (2017). Effects of mindfulness-based interventions on disruptive behavior: A meta-analysis of single-case research. Psychology in the Schools, 54, 70-87. doi: 10.1002/pits.21982 Kasson, E.M. & Wilson, A.N. (2017). Preliminary evidence on the efficacy of mindfulness combined with traditional classroom management strategies. Behavior Analysis in Practice, 10, 242-251. doi: 10.1007/s40617-016-0160-x Black, D.S. & Fernando, R. (2014). Mindfulness training and classroom behavior among lower-income and ethnic minority elementary school children. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 23, 1242-1246. doi: 10.1007/s10826-013-9784-4 Wilson, A.N. & Dixon, M.R. (2010). A mindfulness approach to improving classroom attention. Journal of Behavioral Health and Medicine, 1, 137-142. doi: 10.1037/h0100547 If you're interested in ordering CEs for listening to this episode, click here to go to the store page. You'll need to enter your name, BCBA #, and the two episode secret code words to complete the purchase. Email us at for further assistance.
1 hr 19 min
SuperFeast Podcast
SuperFeast Podcast
Mason J. Taylor
#102 The Importance Of Sleep For Healthy Hun & Qi with Jost Sauer
Today on the SuperFeast podcast, we have one of our favourite returning guests: Lifestyle medicine man, acupuncturist, author, Qi practitioner of 40 years, and all-around cosmic wisdom keeper, Jost Sauer is chatting to Mason about Lifestyle Health, from the global pandemic to Qi. It is so refreshing to have Jost on, reminding us that health starts with us, and if we take care of our health, we can have a very different response to things like pandemics. Mason and Jost dive deep into the importance of sleep, both for our physical body and healthy Hun. In his brilliant way, Jost weaves the physical and ethereal, describing Hun as the movement of the soul, our dreaming, creativity, visions, inspiration, and antidote to fear. Tune in for this one. Jost brings so much knowledge, vitality, and Daoist wisdom. "The healthier you are, the more wisdom from the body will come to you, the more you will be guided by the body". - Jost Sauer Mason and Jost explore: * Pandemic or syndemic? What has caused the fragility of health in society as a whole? * Sleep; Why it’s essential for Qi energy. * The importance of having a ‘switch off time’ from technology before sleep. * Technology; finding a flow that benefits both the physical and spiritual self. * Strengthening Lung Qi. * Strong Immunity; Living correctly for strong Lung Qi and Metal energy. * Rituals for waking that prepare you for the day. * Tuning into your Qi cycle. * Waking up; why breathing techniques are better than coffee. * Understanding Hun and Po energy, within the Daoist philosophy. * Hun energy and the Liver. * What happens to our Hun when we sleep? * Meditation and plant communication. * Herbs; the elements of nature that build the body/mind/spirit. Who is Jost Sauer? Jost (aka the lifestyle medicine man) was born in Germany in 1958 and is an acupuncturist, author, Qi practitioner of 40 years, and healthy lifestyle expert. His background includes competitive skiing, body-building, and ironman training. Post-drug addiction and suicidal depression led him to martial arts, TCM, the power and cycle of Qi, and the understanding that a natural rhythmic lifestyle holds the secrets to anti-aging, health, and success. Jost has been using lifestyle therapeutically for his clients for over 20 years. Jost is an expert in Chinese Medicine, which he lectured in for over a decade at the Australian College of Natural Medicine, has been running successful health clinics since 1991, initially specialising in addiction recovery, and has treated tens of thousands of clients. His passion is sharing his ongoing discoveries about making lifestyle your best medicine through his books, blogs, articles, workshops, and retreats (all of which we linked in the resources below). Resources: Jost Website Jost Facebook Jost Instagram Jost Youtube The 15 Minute Bodyweight Workout Higher and Higher Book Qi Cycles And The Dao with Jost Sauer (EP#48) Lifestyle Medicine with Accupuncturist Jost Sauer (EP#63) Q: How Can I Support The SuperFeast Podcast? A: Tell all your friends and family and share online! We’d also love it if you could subscribe and review this podcast on iTunes. Or check us out on Stitcher, CastBox, iHeart RADIO:)! Plus we're on Spotify! Check Out The Transcript Here: Mason: (00:00) Jost welcome man. We got going chatting, before I actually hit the record. Sorry, I do that sometimes. Jost Sauer: (00:06) No worries. Mason: (00:10) Welcome back. Jost Sauer: (00:11) Yeah, yeah. Welcome back. That's a good one. Mason: (00:14) A lot's happened. Last year, we were looking forward to having you in-house here in the podcast room, but we're living in a bit of stranger times, compared to this time last year. I think we chatted once more, even before we knew just how huge everything was going to be with the way that the world was reacting to everything that it's reacting to, in 2020. How are you going? You're stuck up there across the border in Queensland, because you've got some big projects and revamps of your awesome book going ahead, and big workshops going on. Exciting times for you. Jost Sauer: (00:58) Yeah, yeah. I mean, I keep going. Business as usual, obviously, because obviously I take care of my health. If you take care of your health, then you've got a totally different response to things like COVID. The most important thing that we need to understand is that we can't isolate COVID as an entity, because we've got to look at the whole socioeconomic, and the whole health aspect of people. As a lot of experts say, COVID is a confluence of events. Many, many, many events are instrumental for that what now brings up all the symptoms. You know, we can pretty much say 20 years ago it wouldn't have been this problem. 20 years ago, people lived totally different. Now we have this, this is now by far the most unhealthiest, unfittest, weakest, most fragile society we've ever seen. Mason: (02:03) 100%. So where, for you looking at it, you can see that there is a fragile society. And you can see the general consensus is when you call that out, people get offended by the fact of calling a spade a spade as I'd say. It's just like, look. We're not having a go at people that haven't really looked after their health. But the reality is that I've seen a big split. There are the people that are just willing to accept that we just do continue to not look after our health and our fitness, or if they do it's on a very surface, government-incentivized level of fitness and healthy food, and those that are actually willing to go deep and understand their physiology, their qi cycle and their own personal chi, and take full responsibility. Not to say that there's risks there, but there's a big split. Mason: (02:56) I've liked watching you. You've gone full throttle as you always have in everything you do, going, "Just take full responsibility for your health." Do you see after this pandemic stuff, do you see it just being as a division? Or have you seen more positive outcomes, that more people have woken up to realising that they can't just sit back and wait for some ambiguous medicine to come and save them? Jost Sauer: (03:25) Yeah, the way I look at it, because I'm a big follower of the I Ching, I'm a follower of the Chinese medicine, the Taoist view. And we don't have the word "crisis" in that philosophy. We only have transition. So society is in a transition to the next stage, the seam as 20 years ago there was a transition into that stage that it is right now, and it's left to this proliferation of symptoms that seem to be uncontrollable. But it's because of all these many, many events coming together that has weakened society, and has made society fragile, that a virus can uproot them. Jost Sauer: (04:03) Chinese doctors in China, a lot of the Chinese doctors believe COVID can not ... they actually see that without a preconceived condition, you actually can't be affected by this virus. The Lancet released a great article a month ago, one month ago. It said, "There is no pandemic. It's not a pandemic. COVID-19 is not a pandemic." They named it a syndemic, a syndemic. S-Y-N-demic, meaning there's a lot of little or many, many little factors coming together. They basically stated in the article that looking at COVID as a medical problem, biological medical problem, will not address the issue. They stated that we need to look at what has caused the fragility in the society. They call it the NCDs, the non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, blood pressure, et cetera. Jost Sauer: (05:11) The non-communicable diseases, the NCDs, are the predispositions required for the COVID to create havoc. So when you really see what has caused the problem, is in fact nothing else than a sign of nature to tell us we've got to take stock of who we are. This is now a new way forward, a transition into identifying who we are, and move forward into a life that would reclaim…
1 hr 9 min
Neurodiversity Podcast
Neurodiversity Podcast
Emily Kircher-Morris
A Neurodiversity Framework For Gifted and 2e
Gifted people often get lost in the shuffle within the neurodiversity movement. On episode 76 we talk with Dr. Matt Zakreski about how to keep them front and center, and ways to provide vital services to gifted and twice-exceptional people within the new neurodiversity framework. ABOUT THE GUEST - Dr. Matt Zakreski has shaped his career around his passion for serving gifted kids, starting with being a counselor (and a camper) at the Center for Talented Youth summer program as a teenager. He’s cofounder of The Neurodiversity Collective, LLC, and in his practice he offers therapy, consultation/coaching, and assessment. ​Matt is a board member of PAGE, the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education, and works closely with multiple organizations around the country. He consults schools, presents at conferences internationally, conducts webinars, and leads discussions at his local library. ​He earned BAs in Psychology and Communications at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, NC. He assisted with research at Harvard Psychophysiology Lab at the Harvard University Business School in Cambridge, MA before making his way to graduate school at Widener University, where he earned his Doctorate in Psychology (PsyD) from the Institute of Graduate Clinical Psychology. He currently serves as an adjunct professor in the psychology department at Goldey Beacom College in Wilmington, DE. You can support the podcast and receive subscriber-only benefits at The Neurodiversity Podcast is available on Facebook and Instagram, and on Twitter @NeurodiversePod. For more information go to
30 min
Therapy Thoughts
Therapy Thoughts
Therapy Thoughts
BONUS EPISODE: Social Justice, Self Compassion, and Shame with Lindo Bacon
Just when you thought we had released all the episodes until next season we have another Bonus Episode for you! This is an amazing social justice oriented episode between Lindo Bacon and Tiffany. Can't wait to see you soon for Season 4 of Therapy Thoughts! --- More About Lindo Bacon: Dr. Lindo Bacon is a researcher and former professor, and for nearly two decades taught courses in social justice, health, weight, and nutrition. Dr. Bacon holds a Ph.D. in physiology with a specialty in nutrition, and master’s degrees in psychology and exercise metabolism. Dr. Bacon has mined their deep academic proficiency, their clinical expertise, and their personal experience to write two bestselling books, Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight, and the co-authored Body Respect: What Conventional Health Books Get Wrong, Leave Out, or Just Plain Fail to Understand about Weight. Their newly released book, Radical Belonging: How to Survive and Thrive in an Unjust World (While Transforming it for the Better), takes their inspiring message beyond size, to shaping a culture of empathy, equity, and true belonging. Check out Lindo's new book Radical Belonging at You can find Lindo on Twitter and Facebook at @LindoBaconX and on Instagram at @LindoBacon --- © 2020. All Rights Reserved Tiffany Roe, LLC. The Therapy Thoughts Podcast is for general informational purposes only. Not intended to diagnose or treat any condition, illness, or disease. Not intended to be financial, legal, medical or therapeutic advice. --- Support this podcast:
50 min
Authentic Parenting
Authentic Parenting
Anna Seewald
When Your Needs Are Not Met with Yvette Erasmus, PhD
Yvette Erasmus on what happens when your needs are not fulfilled, the difference between needs and feelings, choicefulness, taking responsibility, stopping playing the victim and much more. Effective communication is at the heart of strong relationships. A critical aspect of effective communication is learning how to express our needs. But in order to learn to express first we need to get in touch with our needs. Communication can come into conflict when needs are unfulfilled. Unmet needs can lead to feelings of anger, confusion, disappointment, frustration, hopelessness, irritation, sadness, loneliness and embarrassment, to name only a few. Fully understanding what we need makes the next step in our communication easier–asking for what we need to enrich life. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. BECOME A SUPPORTER OF THE SHOW 1. With your support we can continue the production of the podcast uninterruptedly. You can choose a level of support on by becoming a patron. 2. One time donations are also deeply appreciated. Give from the heart now. FULL SHOW NOTES ABOUT ME I help overwhelmed, frustrated parents who want to parent differently than their parents, make sense of their early childhood experiences, connect to their authentic self and their children on a deeper level, reduce stress, bring more ease, calm and joy into their lives by yelling less, and practicing non-punitive discipline. WORK WITH ME Listeners of the podcast get 10% on my coaching services. I would be thrilled to support you in your parenting journey! * Click here to get started with my Introductory (3 Sessions) Package or REAL Change Package - 6 Private Coaching Sessions-worldwide! :) * Court-Ordered Parenting Classes (in person NJ, NY,and PA residents only) YOUR FEEDBACK IS VALUABLE! Do you have a comment, question, or a takeaway about this episode or the podcast in general? * USA listeners call 732-763-2576 right now and leave a voicemail. * International listeners use the FREE Speak Pipe tool on my website. Add your voice. It matters! * Email: SUBMIT YOUR PARENTING QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED IN THE SHOW: * Voicemail: 732-763-2576 * Speak Pipe for sending audio messages * Email: CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA * Authentic Parenting on Facebook * Instagram NEED PARENTING SUPPORT? * Join the Authentic Parenting FREE online community Thanks for listening! With gratitude, Anna Seewald, M.Ed, M.Psy Parent Educator, Keynote Speaker, Author
1 hr 20 min
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