Behavior Bitches
Behavior Bitches
Sep 7, 2020
Influencers and Cold AF Showers
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On today’s episode The Bitches bring on Rosie Jeffers, BCBA. We talk about influencers on social media and what behaviors one engages in and why. Rosie shares her experience of “failing” to become an influenster (yes there is a difference). She also reveals why the f#%k she is torturing herself with freezing showers that make her scream. Aren’t you a little curious? Tune in or miss the F out!
Extreme Genes - America's Family History and Genealogy Radio Show & Podcast
Extreme Genes - America's Family History and Genealogy Radio Show & Podcast
Episode 348 - Dr. Henry Louis Gates on New Episodes of “Finding Your Roots”/ D. Joshua Taylor on Looming Clash Over Licensing Public Records Use!
Host Scott Fisher opens the show with David Allen Lambert, Chief Genealogist of the New England Historic Genealogical Society and Fisher opens the dialog talking about how he is using genetic genealogy to help a friend identify a parent of his grandfather. They need to narrow down from TWELVE children! David then shares news of the passing of the grandson of our tenth president, John Tyler! Yes… grandson! (Don’t worry, there is still another one living!) David then shares news that if you have an unusually high amount of DNA from Neanderthals, you might be at greater risk for harsh symptoms from Covid-19. A new study is out explaining how the human family is likely more closely related to each other than most realize. Of course, this has everything to do with what is called “pedigree collapse.” Hear the guys map this out. And finally, MyHeritage has another great photo tool available for you. Find out what it is. Next, Fisher catches up with Dr. Henry Louis Gates, host of the PBS series Finding Your Roots. New episodes have resumed and Dr. Gates fills us in on what is soon to come on the show. Then, D. Joshua Taylor, President of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society joins Fisher to discuss the efforts of those tied to the New York Municipal Archives to license public records! These are records we, generally, paid to create, and taxes pay to maintain. Since they belong to us, “the people,” this licensing could become a costly problem, not only in New York, but elsewhere as well. David then returns for a pair of questions on Ask Us Anything. The first has to do with Civil War pension records, while the second has to do with alternatives to birth certificates. That’s all this week on Extreme Genes, America’s Family History Show!
44 min
Brave New Weed
Brave New Weed
The Brave New Weed Podcast
Episode 92 - The Plant Powered Penis and Prostate
Authors and fitness professionals Bruce and Mindy Mylrea go deep about plants, penises, prostate cancer, and how to be married for decades and still have great sex.  Use code BRAVE20 for 20% Off & Free Shipping on any order at By now you all know that I’ve been having a tough time sleeping. The election, the burning planet, the Supreme Court, are all disrupting my sacred dream states. Thankfully, the fine people at Lumi Labs heard my plight and sent me a bottle of their new product, Microdose. It’s a proprietary “balanced spectrum blend of CBD, THC, CBG and I love it. Even my pillow loves it as we’ve been spending much more quality time together.  As listeners of this podcast you’re entitled to a 20% discount plus free shipping for as many orders as you place. Go to and enter the Brave20 code. Pass the code along to anyone—the Lumi’s want everyone to rest assured. I’ve eaten a plant-based diet for most of my adult life but I never thought it could have a profound impact my penis or my prostate. My guests this week, Bruce and Mindy Mylrea, tell me otherwise. They are the authors of two books, The Plant Powered Approach to Prostate Cancer and The Plant Powered Penis (best title of the year) and this interview goes deep about the research backing up the claim. Bruce, a cancer survivor, also talks about the ways our favorite plant helped him grapple with the difficult side effects of chemotherapy, and how it helped him make the big life changes that keep him cancer free. The other amazing aspect of this interview? This couple have been married and monogamous for multitudes of decades and they still have sex. Great sex, they say, which they also attribute to the power of the plants. That’s reason enough to listen to this podcast and share it widely.
58 min
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