Behavior Bitches
Behavior Bitches
Oct 19, 2020
Don’t Sush: Ethics with Dr. Darren Sush
1 hr 11 min

On today’s episode, we have Dr. Darren Sush on to talk about all things ethics! Darren is co-author of the book, “A workbook of Ethical Case Scenarios in Applied Behavior Analysis” so the dude knows his sh*t. We asked both personal ethical questions along with asking some of our listener’s questions. There isn’t a single ethics question that Darren shys away from. He also tells us how to choose the BEST answer when it comes to ethics questions in the exam. Tune in or miss the f#%k out!

Show notes:

The F*ck It Diet with Caroline Dooner
The F*ck It Diet with Caroline Dooner
Caroline Dooner
Laziness Does Not Exist
Today I'm chatting with the author of the upcoming book Laziness Does Not Exist, Dr. Devon Price. Most of us think of ourselves as inherently lazy - but what if we are just tapped out? Burnt out? Overworked? Overwhelmed? And what if laziness is actually just... normal? Protective? Even... helpful? There is almost always a pretty legit reason we *feel lazy* whether it be mental health struggles, not having the support we need, or just... being burnt out. Did you know that the 40 hour work week is too long? And studies show that the max work time you can really "get" out of people is 3-4 hours a day??? YEA!!! Listen to this one. Find Devon on instagram Devon's website Laziness Does Not Exist   Sponsors! SIDE BY SIDE NUTRITION. Side By Side’s dietitians work to empower people to become their own nutrition experts. Their team of health at every size and weight inclusive nutrition therapists work virtually all over the United States – and locally in Colorado. They put out free weekly content on their YouTube channel, blog, and instagram to help inspire your journey to a trusting and self-compassionate relationship with food and your body. They work both individually with clients of all ages, genders, and diagnoses in addition to running groups -including a body image group and binge eating group. They offer one on one nutrition and body image therapy to those who struggle with eating disorders, disordered eating, chronic dieting, they also take a variety of insurances including the large commercial insurance companies Cigna, Aetna, and United Healthcare. If you are ready work one-on-one, you can email or call 708-717-7394.   Topaz Trauma Healing. Often, anxiety, depression, body disconnection, substance use, and negative self beliefs can actually be trauma responses, and a sign that there is trauma to process in your healing journey. If you are interested in exploring trauma work, Caroline Pegram is a SLC based licensed clinical social worker and somatic practitioner - for anyone new to the concept, somatic work is about accessing healing by feeling and getting back into the body, and is very effective for addressing trauma. Through her practice Topaz Trauma Healing, she offers online tele-mental health therapy and somatic work to folks across the country. Her approach is centered around  embodied presence, empathy, connection, and deep listening. Her work is attachment-focused, which helps to reshape relationship patterns. She is also inspired by polyvagal theory, an approach to create a sense of safety using the nervous system. Caroline embraces a HAES framework, is motivated by restorative justice, and is allied with those who are LGBTQQIA identifying. She works with ages 13 and up, as well as families who are seeking a safe environment to take up space. If you are curious about integrating this kind of work into your healing journey, you can connect with Caroline through her instagram @topaz.healing or visit her website at
59 min
Baby-Led Weaning Made Easy
Baby-Led Weaning Made Easy
Katie Ferraro
Threatened with CPS Call for Feeding Baby Curry with TikTok Mom Graca Walters
#80: Can you imagine being threatened and bullied on social media because you chose to feed your baby recipes from your own food culture? Well it happened to Graca Williams on TikTok and she’s here to talk about it! Graca is a stay-at-home mom who grew up in the Congo and now lives in New York. She does baby-led weaning with her daughter Zuri and she made major headlines last week after posting a video on TikTok of the lamb curry recipe she made and served her baby. People were SO CRUEL in the comments of the lamb curry troll even threatened to call CPS on her! I wanted to chat with Graca to learn more about the types of foods she makes and feeds Zuri, as well as her small business creating seasoning and spice blends and sauces that incorporate her favorite Caribbean and African food flavors. And I also wanted to share this amazing mom’s story about pushing her baby’s palate beyond boring baby food and to let her know there’s a whole big baby-led weaning community out here that really supports and encourages the work she is doing and the foods she is feeding! If you’re ready to raise an independent eater and prevent picky eating then let’s get started learning about baby-led weaning together! Subscribe, rate and review the podcast here. FREE BABY-LED WEANING FOR BEGINNERS ONLINE WORKSHOP: FREE BABY-LED WEANING RECIPE IDEAS FACEBOOK GROUP: FOLLOW @BABYLEDWEANTEAM ON INSTAGRAM: SHOWNOTES FOR THIS EPISODE:
20 min
Listen To Your Body Podcast
Listen To Your Body Podcast
Steph Gaudreau
How To Stop Counting Calories and Start Enjoying Food Again w/ Caitlin Ball
Are you suffering from a food lifestyle hangover? Counting calories and quantifying every little thing that you eat could actually be keeping you from listening to your body. Intuitive Eating is all about a more pleasurable and enjoyable way to eat that will help you start feeling better and enjoy food again. Key Takeaways If You Want To Stop Counting Calories And Start Enjoying Food You Should: * Trust the process of Intuitive Eating and find a system to support you * Focus less on the calories of foods and more on how certain foods make you feel * Be patient with the process and allow yourself grace when navigating which foods are right for you * Lead by example to create a future legacy that is not focused on restrictions and rules The Power of Intuitive Eating Caitlin Ball is a health coach who specializes in Intuitive Eating. After moving to Switzerland, Caitlin saw the astronomical difference between how food is approached in Europe compared to the United States. Once she experienced a transformative glimpse of Intuitive Eating, she knew she couldn't go back and had to share this information with the world. Rejecting Diet Culture Once and for All When working to gain more body awareness, trusting the process and finding a support system is key. As women, we have been told for so long that our worth is based on our appearance, and restricting ourselves and placing rules around food is the only way to achieve the goals society has set for us. Instead of giving into these restrictions, Intuitive Eating supports you so that you can feel great in your body, which is really all that is important. Stop Restricting Yourself and Start Feeling Caitlin realized that rather than counting calories, truly acknowledging how you feel after eating a certain food is a much better indicator of what your body needs. If you allow yourself to listen to your body, you will start making decisions based on what you feel you need next, not focusing on the ‘should’ or ‘should not's' of certain foods. By jumping into the mode of curiosity and observation regarding how food makes you feel, you can start to figure out what is right for your body, right here and right now. Are you ready to leave the calories counting behind and walk away from the strictness and mental time it takes to quantify your food? Share which of Caitlin’s Intuitive Eating tips you are going to implement into your routine in the comments section on the episode page. In This Episode * How a rejection of diet culture has resulted in a totally different relationship to food in parts of Europe (8:08) * Tips for breaking away from the need for control as an avid calorie counter (17:45) * Why relating how you feel towards what you are eating is a much better indicator than calorie counting (19:39) * How to make peace with food if you are worried about what is going to happen when you allow yourself certain foods (22:42) * The role of legacy in the work that you do through children and other young souls (34:01) Quotes “Once I tried out [intuitive eating], and I changed my personal relationship with food and realized I could travel and eat these foods and not eat too much and feel disgusting, and I could enjoy my life and start liking how my body looks without having to cognizantly want to change it, once I realize how much better life was with Intuitive Eating I had to share it!” (16:20) “I knew in my heart that it wasn't working, I knew that there must be another way because I got a glimpse of it from the people around me.” (18:19) “I realized that the calorie-counting wasn't actually doing anything for me, and the much better indicator was eating something, seeing how it made me feel, and then going from there and seeing what food I needed next after that.” (21:30) “You do have to test your patience a little bit, but you will start to notice how these foods make you feel, and you will be able to start listening to your body a lot better and then be able to make changes from there.” (26:53) “There are so many factors to how you feel because of this pandemic and everything that is going on in the world right now that do not have to do with food, so a juice cleanse is not going to solve all of your problems.” (33:08) Links Join the Tune In Membership Here Caitlin Ball Website Quit Dieting For Good Podcast Follow Caitlin on Instagram Join the Listen To Your Body Newsletter Steph Gaudreau Website Check out the full show notes here! Follow Steph on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest I'd really love it if you would take 1 min and leave us a rating and review on iTunes!
40 min
Juicebox Podcast: Type 1 Diabetes
Juicebox Podcast: Type 1 Diabetes
Scott Benner
#415 Defining Diabetes: Adrenaline Highs
In this Defining Diabetes episode, Scott and Jenny explain adrenaline highs. Show notes for people who are Bold with Insulin > Get an FREE Omnipod Demo today > Gvoke Glucagon the only Pre-Mixed glucagon > Learn about Touched By Type 1 > CONTOUR NEXT ONE smart meter and CONTOUR DIABETES app > Find out more about the Dexcom CGM Add your voice to the T1DExchange A full list of our sponsors How to listen, disclaimer and more About Jenny Smith Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Nutrition and Biology from the University of Wisconsin. She is a Registered (and Licensed) Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and Certified Trainer on most makes/models of insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring systems. You can reach Jenny at Apple Podcasts> Subscribe to the podcast today! The podcast is available on Spotify, Google Play, iHeartRadioRadio Public, Amazon Music and all Android devices The show is now available as an Alexa skill. My type 1 diabetes parenting blog Arden's Day Listen to the Juicebox Podcast online Read my award winning memoir: Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal: Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Dad The Juicebox Podcast is a free show, but if you'd like to support the podcast directly, you can make a gift here. Thank you! Follow Scott on Social Media @ArdensDay @JuiceboxPodcast Disclaimer - Nothing you hear on the Juicebox Podcast or read on Arden's Day is intended as medical advice. You should always consult a physician before making changes to your health plan. If the podcast has helped you to live better with type 1 please tell someone else how to find the show and consider leaving a rating and review on iTunes. Thank you! Arden's Day and The Juicebox Podcast are not charitable organizations.
22 min
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