Ep. 16: Women and the Church PART I
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Where do women fit within the work and leadership of the Church? This question, along with the much large issue of whether Christianity has been good for women in general, is a fairly hot button topic in many Christian communities.  What's more, the answer tends to vary greatly depending on how one reads certain key Biblical passages about women in both the home and in ministry.  

On one hand, it can't be denied that some verses in Scripture appear, on the surface, to be oppressive to women and diminish their opportunities to lead, subjugating them to the authority of men and perpetuating a long history of patriarchal dominance.  Texts that go as far as to say women should be "silent" in church, not able to teach or have authority over men.  

On the other hand, we see actual real life examples of women leading all over the New Testament and early church.  Elevated and championed by Jesus more than anyone else in history and sometimes, commissioned, empowered and praised for leadership by the very same person - the Apostle Paul - who wrote the most difficultly negative verses about women in the church.  So how are we to understand this issue today?

In Part I of what this 3 part discussion I begin to break down this issue by examining the cultural background of the Biblical world and its general attitude towards women and how that played into certain statements in the Scriptures.  In the Part II, I will go through the 3 most difficult passages in 1 Corinthians and 1 Timothy, and in Part III there will be an actual discussion with a female pastor who has had to work through these issues in lived experience.  Throughout this entire discussion it will be my contention that women should be free to lead in any avenue they feel called and Biblical passages that appear to say otherwise are simply not being read within their appropriate cultural context.

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