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Nov 26, 2020
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the Millennial Throwback Machine
the Millennial Throwback Machine
Sam Williams
Episode 125 Part One: She & Him & the Crystals (aka Darlene Love & The Blossoms.)
My apologies if this episode is coming atcha a little late. was having a hard time earlier this week, was kind of in a funk and not feeling the greatest and was busy with a few things earlier this week such as filming a practice video for my pitch video for my upcoming Grammy Museum exhibit, as well as trying to figure out how to film some promotional video content for my two song single that is out now that you can stream on all of the usual music streaming platforms, I also was doing some Focus group work this week too so all of those things have somewhat delayed this week's podcast by a few days, but I"m still here and this week I'm doing something REALLY special. I"m actually doing a two song analyzation/breakdown and both of these songs mark the surrounding dates of Phil Spector's untimely passing last weekend and also , Zooey Deschanel's birthday which just passed on the same day as Phil Spector's death. since Phil Spector immensely influenced Zooey Deschanel's music, we are going to do a breakdown/analyzation of both a song she recorded with She & Him and a Phil Spector production of the early 60's and how much Phil influenced Zooey's songwriting. as promised, I said I would do the updated version of the 60's girl group pop sound but I"m also comparing it to the real thing this week as well. here are the link's to this week's songs just in case you wanted to listen to them: You can also follow me on Instagram right here: You can also check out more of my original music right here: Please do also check out My First Official Music release in 4 years through this link. you can find it on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and Deezer right here. if you like these two songs of mine and you have never heard them before, please let me know whatcha think of them and email me at or you can also reach out to me on Instagram @iheartoldies: Please do also check out the official Spotify and Youtube playlists for this podcast. there you'll be able to find all of the songs I have talked about on my podcast so far including the ones that I have mentioned in interview episodes. if you like any of these songs and if listening to these playlists gives you any ideas for the kind of songs I should talk about on my show next in the future that I haven't talked about yet on my show so far, please email those ideas to me at You can also check out the official Redbubble Merch store for this podcast. there you'll be able to find all of these really cool merch items that have my own personal Podcast logo attached to it that you can purchase online at this link, if you like these merch items and you thought they were cool or you like this logo and you thought it was interesting and you have never seen anything like it before, please email me at or you can also reach out to me on Instagram @iheartoldies. if you liked my analysis on this week's song and you have NEVER heard Zooey Deschanel''s music and your a HUGE fan of her acting things she has done in the past but have never heard her music before and your a millennial and you love her music, and your totally amazed at how much the 60's influenced her songwriting, please email me at or you can also reach out to me on instagram @iheartoldies.
52 min
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