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TotalBitcoin#32: Interview with Stephan Livera.
Oct 1, 2019 · 50 min
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In this episode, Stephan Livera joins me and shares his deep knowledge, thoughts, perspectives, vision, and wisdom on Bitcoin,
Austrian Economics, and a spectrum of discussed interconnected, educational, and fascinating topics.

  • Why Bitcoin? 
  • Human Society on Fiat-Money vs. Hard(est) Money 
  • Different Intellectual Levels of Understanding Bitcoin 
  • Hodling/ Hodler Network Effect, and Liquidity 
  • Mass-Adoption?
  • Product of Human Action 
  • Geopolitical&Macro-Economical Conditions
  • Ossification & Monetary-Root-Layering of Bitcoin
  • Free Market Ecosystems on Bitcoin 
  • Immaculate Conception of Bitcoin and its Conditions was unique. 
  • Going Down the Rabbit Hole(s). 
  • Future of Human Civilization / Creativity/ Freedom & Prosperity for Humanity on every imaginable level. 
  •  (Monetary) Evolution 

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