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TotalBitcoin #83: Ben Kaufman & Stefanie von Jan - "Bitcoin and the Business Cycle"
Apr 20, 2020 · 1 hr 6 min
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In this episode, Ben Kaufman & Stefanie von Jan join me to discuss the root causes of the artificially created "Boom & Bust" cycle- in connection with Ben´s fantastic article "Bitcoin and the Business Cycle".  

Quote from article: "Money is the backbone of the market economy, it is what coordinates the action of everyone, which is why it must be neutral — resistant to manipulations and forced debasements. It is time that we take the thing out of the hands of the state, back into the hands of the people. It’s time to move to Bitcoin."  

Ben Kaufman: "The current financial system is unsustainable. Government interventions, especially its control over the money, are the root for the systemic issues existing in our economy and which make its collapse inevitable. Bitcoin opens a new alternative in the form of a parallel system, and has the potential to transform the economy and enable truly sustainable economic growth. Today, with the economic distress felt so strongly everywhere, Bitcoin is needed more than ever. It is time for everyone to start exploring it, and gradually move away from the traditional system of government privileges, towards the self-sovereignty of the Bitcoin economy."

Ben Kaufman on twitter: @ben_kaufman
Stefanie von Jan:

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