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TotalBitcoin #85: Jeff Booth - Deflation is Key to Abundance
Apr 30, 2020 · 1 hr 8 min
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Jeff Booth, the author of the evolutionary book "The Price of Tomorrow- Why Deflation is The Key to an Abundant Future",  joins me in this exciting and special episode. His insights, knowledge, ethos, and vision are simply mind-blowing. Humanity does not comprehend the true potential and power of Bitcoin in creating an unbelievable human civilization with exponential technologies beyond imagination. Deflation is the unstoppable Key.  

Quote from book: "Consider this alternative: allowing abundance without the jobs might actually open an entirely new enlightenment era where we have time to enjoy the benefits that technology brings....It becomes much cheaper to live, and thus the burden to those working drops."

Topics discussed:
-Monopoly & Centralization
-Reset of Debt?
-Free Market Capitalism
-Control of Money
-Deflation & Abundance
-Exponential Technological Innovations
-Future of Human Civilization & Evolution

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