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TotalBitcoin #102: Janine @J9Roem- Bitcoin, Privacy,&Investigative Journalism
Jul 7, 2020 · 1 hr 12 min
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#Bitcoin #Privacy #InvestigativeJournalism
Janine @J9Roem, investigative journalist & "ThatOnePrivacyGirl", joins me & my Co-Host, Stefanie von Jan, in this special educational episode  to talk about:   

  • Wikileaks could only survive with Bitcoin because all bank accounts were shut down 
  • Importance of source verification: use primary sources for high quality content - this way fake news can be easily tested     
  • Why privacy matters         
    Privacy for informational self-determination: power to reveal oneself selectively to the world          
    Cryptography as essential and powerful tool to provide privacy         
    Use case on how innocent people were targeted through stalking where the stalker had access to location data through mobile provider 
  •      Why mass surveillance?         
    Mass surveillance does not prevent the spread of the virus or terrorism          
    Not effected for anti money laundering         
    But effective for surveilling the people where terror prevention and AML serves as cover story      
  • Data collection for marketing purposes         
    Data used for marketing purposes and individual ad targeting         
    Ad blocker is a protest against surveillance, both against marketing and law enforcement      
  • Data used by governments       
    Governements collaborate in spying on its citizens: Law prohibits surveillance by the home government which is why governments agree with foreign governments for them to spy on their citizens and subsequently exchange information         
    Governments collaborate with data collection services usually indirectly to get around 4th amendment protection         
    Cases Carpenter vs US and US vs Miller          
  • Later one:
    bank records do not have 4th amendment protection (=no privacy): Coinbase records are considered bank records and thus preserve no privacy          
    As soon as data is revealed to third party, then there is no 4th amendment protection: third parties are security and privacy holes     
  • Recommendation        
    Check a service provider’s partnerships before engaging         
    Read their privacy policy          
    Buy Bitcoin with cash to maximize privacy          
    Run your own full node and improve your full node privacy  

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