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TotalBitcoin #80: Aleks Svetski, Stefanie von Jan, Hass McCook - The Necessity of Courage to Change the Course of History with Bitcoin
Apr 11, 2020 · 1 hr 24 min
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In this special episode, Aleks Svetski, Stefanie von Jan, & Hass McCook join me to discuss the necessity of courage to change the course of history-with Bitcoin.  

We talk about:  

-Why the US exports inflation
-Agenda of transhumanism & technocracy connecting the people´s body to AI,  starting with microchips
-The dystopian future if we do not stand up for our rights
-Elimination of basic human rights and freedom across the world
-Discussion on the percentage of people obeying blindly, those questioning what is going on but still acquiescing and those actively fighting for truth
-Why a minority may shift the direction around (5-10% rule)
-Questioning whether the government really has the interests of the elderly in mind
-Why we need courage to change the course of history
-The necessity to face all dark truths in order to create something new that benefits humanity (on the individual level & global level)
-Money printing (aka Fiat-Disease) and pain killers as only symptomatically tackling the problems- we need to dig deeper.
-Universal basic incomes as another trap to make people dependent on the state
-How long can the central banks go BRRRR until everything falls apart?
-Bitcoin as one step towards full self-sovereignty
-Private cities (Citadels) governed by the people  

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