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TotalBitcoin #48: Thibaud Marechal - "Bitcoin is Cosmic at its Core".
Nov 18, 2019 · 1 hr 28 min
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In this episode, Thibaud Marechal dives deep into the cosmic rabbit hole of Bitcoin and shares a spectrum of his holistic technological-monetary-economical knowledge on Bitcoin. 

These and so many other exciting topics talked about: 

  • Silk Road & Dark Web 
  • Custodial & Non-Custodial 
  • Privacy / Security / Verifiability / Full Node (Casa/ MyNode) 
  • Private Keys / Convenience / Trade-Offs
  • Multi-Sig
  • Monetary Sovereignty (@TraceMayer) 
  • Pension Funds/Endowment Funds  / Collusion? 
  • Anonymity & Satoshi Nakomoto´s Vision? 
  • Fungibility & CoinMixing (Wasabi´s Coinjoin & Samourai´s Whirlpool)
  • Privacy on Bitcoin´s Base Layer & Lightning Network ? 
  • UX / UI 
  • Stock-to-Flow-Ratio / Halving etc. (PlanB)
  • Global Monetary Base (Crypto_Voices) 
  • "Bitcoin is Cosmic at its Core"
  • Liberty & Freedom 
  • "Bitcoin UNfucks You". 
  • Future of Bitcoin´s Power and Human-Scientific-Technological-Spiritual Evolution. 

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