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TotalBitcoin #47: Matthew Mezinskis- Global Monetary Base & Bitcoin.
Nov 15, 2019 · 1 hr 21 min
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In this episode, Matthew Mezinskis of shares his knowledge, analysis, comprehension, and perspectives related to the Q3/2019-report on the Global Monetary Base, published by the co-hosts of Cryptovoices, Matthew Mezinkis & Fernando Ulrich,  in connection with the hardest and scarcest money-supply of Bitcoin´s 21 Million. 

Matthew Mezinskis: "Let The Market Decide!" 

Spectrum of highly educational topics covered: 

  • Monetary Base 
  • Money vs. Credit
  • Claim on Institution (Bank) 
  • Global Total Debt of $ 1.8 Quadrillion 
  • Ultimate Settlement 
  • Gold & Central Banks & Undisclosed Gold-Hoardings? 
  • Fiat-Monetary-Base
  • Debtor & Creditor
  • Misconceptions of Austrian Economists  
  • Deposit-Insurance?
  • Fractional Reserve Banking & Full Reserve Banking 
  • Reserve Ratio 
  • Market of Lending 
  • Liability & Deposits 
  • Liquidity 
  • Free Banking System? 
  • Stock To Flow 
  • Macroeconomical Factors / Negative Interest Rates / Crisis by order of magnitude? 
  • Predictive Models 
  • Transition with Bitcoin. 

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