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Apr 18, 2023
32. Norris Frederick - Team USA Long Jumper Shares Mindset That Makes Anything Possible
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Norris Frederick is an NCAA All-American, Team USA athlete and professional long jumper who has built a successful career as an influencer turned entrepreneur.

Growing up in Washington, as a child, Norris and his family experienced homelessness. He shares with us the pivotal encounter as an elementary school student that caused him to reevaluate his life and set a new identity for himself.

Using that identity as his beacon, Norris set out to achieve big goals. He highlights the unexpected way he got involved with track and field and the unique strategy he used to create accountability for success in the sport.

Norris competed in track and field at the University of Washington, where he became one of the most decorated athletes in UW history. A five-time NCAA All-American, he is the only Husky to ever jump 25 feet and high jump seven feet. Norris explains the mindset he utilizes in approaching the long jump and how it has carried him other places in his life.

Norris also discusses his decision to go pro, signing his first endorsement and how he built a successful--and lucrative career--as an influencer. In the age of NIL, he tells college athletes what they should focus most on and how they can set themselves apart for endorsement opportunities. He also tells us about his entrepreneurial endeavors and founding his own videography company, Frederick Films.

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