Episode #22: Electric Muscle Stimulation with Kalyn Steranko from Amped Advantage in Calgary, Canada
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Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is mostly known as a tool used in physical therapy or some form of recovery.  In this episode Kalyn Steranko of Amped Advantage joins me from Calgary, Canada to explain and discuss how how EMS is used in achieving physical fitness as well as overall health and well being.

I tried EMS for six weeks when I was living in Romania and now, two years after that experience I get to dive into what EMS is, how it works, what its used for, and what are some of its potential uses.

In this episode we discuss the difference between therapeutic EMS and full body EMS, Training to become an EMS provider and how to find a provider in your area, and Success stories from EMS.

5:00 After a bit of an introduction, Kalyn explains some of the training her and her providers went through to become XBody EMS providers.

7:59 We talked briefly about how EMS is still a bit unknown to the greater population so Kalyn offers some guidance on how to locate a provider in your area (XBody or otherwise as sometimes providers go by a name other than EMS).

8:46 We get into the meat and potatoes of what is EMS and how it works.

11:43 Here we Kalyn lays out the difference between therapeutic EMS (what you may receive going to physical therapy) vs full body EMS for health, wellness, and fitness

1410: At this point in the show we get into some special uses for EMS such as working with clients who may have mobility issues or some form of neuromuscular disconnect.

1755: Here we take a deeper look at the actual EMS suit and how it functions.

53:12 I start talking to Kalyn about people such as veterans who may have been sedentary or stagnant for a while and decide to get back into working out, and the role EMS can play in helping to facilitate that lifestyle change.

56:50 Towards the end of the show we encountered a little bit of an echo, but it clears up in time for Kalyn to share some anecdotes of using EMS when working firefighters, police, and military personnel.

After listening to this show a few times during the editing process I heard something new each time and this episode is full of great information regarding the use of electric muscle stimulation.







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