Episode #3: How the military can combat 2018 spike in suicides
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In this episode I reference two news article published in the beginning of 2019 addressing the alarmingly high rates of suicide within the US Special Operations Command and the United States Marine Corps.

I offer up my three takeaways on what I believe to be some key missing pieces to a suicide prevention program:

1. Nutritional interventions

2. Examining and monitoring hormones and neurotransmitters

3. Rethinking the way unit physical training is conducted

Linked below are the two articles which brought the 2018 suicide rates to light via social media, Wendy Suzuki’s Ted Talk presentation, an explanation of an Organic Acids Test from Dr. David Jockers.

In the two news articles are comments about suicide awareness training, resources for service members contemplating suicide, behaviors, stress. What you won’t see are comments or ideas about functional and/or integrative approaches to combating suicide. You won’t see an explanation of what is going on with someone’s physiology that leads to depression, anxiety, and eventually suicidal thoughts.

This episode is a quick overview of my three takeaways and a preview of topics I will cover more in depth in future episodes.





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