02 Graeme and Professor Dr Becky discuss Memerology (Part 1)
Play • 28 min

Professor Dr Becky is not your ordinary Professor. She's not your ordinary doctor either. She's what old people now refer to as a "digital native" and a professor of what she calls "memerology". 

This means she understands stuff that you don't. Probably. In this case it's memes and in case you didn't know, memes are everywhere.

In this short episode, Professor Dr Becky and I discuss what memes are and look at a couple of common memes. Join us for this wide ranging memerology discussion. 

Hopefully, we'll have a chance for Professor Dr Becky to come back soon and discuss in more depth some of the things that we touched on briefly in this show including the following:

  • How to lol at memes.
  • How you can use memes for fun and profit.
  • How to weaponise memes for nefarious political purposes (for information only).

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