WHY LAB Podcast
WHY LAB Podcast
Aug 25, 2020
27 - "G4-444" [the thousands]
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This track can be found on our first full-length album titled CIRCULATION. I will try to update the lyrics and more details here as well as reformatting the music website to feature all our content. Love you for checking this out and thank you for being cool.


Verse One - Plovo [coming]

Verse Two - Mflow 

It’s hard to believe that natural beauty surrounds

A sea magnificent, Volcanic Underground

Sunken without sounds and cliffs remain as crown

Colors of the vibrant Santorini towns

Yellow, Blue, and White radiate the night

Glisten the day from sunlight to star bright

And the vibes are tight, with a cooler essence at night

Social senses to pressurize my flight

I follow the sun in man-made tools above

React without judgment, and float with the kindest knuggs

Maintain my buzz; sustain the mediation like a traveled warrior

Or the peaceful Zen Master would handle the torture

Control the reactions

Proactive supply of energy inside

A sense of minds eye you’ll find in due time

Perceived truth can be absolute or aloof.

Your still stuck in a loop like beats broken in 2

Or 3 degrees hidden in simple circuitry

Horizontally sustain the zone

Unique syllable textures packed in stacks and rows

Locate M-Flow in shadow energy discrete

Circle vertical my dimensions are concrete

I live in your dreams, float thru imagination

Make creatures connect thru semantic observation

Dreams became session’s lyrics of transgression

Momentary imprints believable impressions.

Electric-nectar injections like morning wood erections

From pen then to pad into mic comprehensions.



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