Are Extraterrestrials Christian? with Dr. Andrew Davison
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In the second part of our alien series, we bring in Cambridge professor Andrew Davison, famed for a recent series of articles about theologians funded by NASA to investigate the religious implications of extraterrestrial life. Bearing the (remarkably appropriate) title Starbridge Professor in Theology and Natural Sciences, Dr. Davison has doctorates in both biochemistry and theology. In a book releasing next year, Dr. Davison tackles the most difficult issues around alien life and the church.

Will extraterrestrials need a savior?
Would God incarnate on their planet?
If we ever make contact, how ought the church regard such beings?

In this episode, we get a great sneak peek of his answers and ask him all the awkward questions every Christian has wondered yet few dare to ask. Grab your tinfoil hats and get ready for one of our best interviews to date!

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