Industry 4.0 and Stewardship w/ John Broadbent
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Industry 4.0 has been around for years. Surprised? You shouldn't be. Industry greats like John Broadbent, Founder of Realise Potential, have been exploring the benefits of a new era of manufacturing technology since the early '90s.

Part 1 of Zen and the Art of Manufacturing, features Bryan Sapot, SensrTrx CEO and John Broadbent exploring the history of industry 4.0, how it's expanded throughout the years, why there's a certain role essential to executing industry 4.0 initiatives, and tips for implementing it at your own plant.

Don't miss this exceptional episode discussing the past, present, and future of industry 4.0 and John's name for the role key to encouraging industry 4.0 growth - stewardship.

If you'd like to talk to John about industry 4.0, he can be contacted via LinkedIn.

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