Vaastu and Air Element - A discussion on Vastu for HeAlth Ailments related to Air with Vishal Sharma
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Vishal Sharma has learned astrology and Vastu shastra from her mother Renu Sharma. He holds a BE in Mechanical Engineering M.Tech in IT and MBA . He is currently active in helping and assisting people to make a difference in their life by applying this divine science of Astrology, Vastu Shastra and Feng shui.  

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Vastus Five Elements According to the sacred ancient texts from India, Nature (Prakriti) primarily has five elements, and in the entire solar system, only earth has these five elements in their complete form. These five elements are Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Ether (Space). These elements drive the process of creation and destruction in Nature by transitioning from one state to another. This transformation of these elements through the cycle of creation and destruction has a profound impact on human traits and appearance because each element represents a distinctive personality and body structure. Thus it is important to study and learn these elemental attributes so that we can understand why humans act and look in a certain way.  

Ancient cultures in Persia, Greece, Babylonia, Japan, and Tibet, had similar concepts or lists. The Chinese Wu Xing system lists Wood (木 mù), Fire (火 huǒ), Earth (土 tǔ), Metal (金 jīn), and Water (水 shuǐ), though these are described more as energies or transitions rather than as types of material. Wood and Metal are also known as Air and Ether (Space) respectively.

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