Nov 19, 2021
Play • 34 min

John West of Scimar.

SciMar Ltd. was founded in 2009 to advance the pioneering medical research of Dr. Wayne Lautt and his team as they work to unveil hepatalin* as the foundation of a new paradigm in the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Based in Manitoba, Canada, SciMar is driven by a passion to change the course of human health as type 2 diabetes exacts a frightful toll on communities around the world. Rates of type 2 diabetes and the conditions that lead to it—especially obesity—are skyrocketing everywhere. The current paradigms for preventing and treating type 2 diabetes are not working.

Through rigorous science, deep passion, and significant investment, SciMar has made important progress in the lab; has moved through the early stages of regulatory approval in Canada and the United States; and has protected key elements of its intellectual property and product pipeline with patents in 10 countries.

Clinical trials are moving forward; a change in global health and well-being is on the horizon. Investors are invited to join the journey.

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