Ep. 341: Can We Be Angry at G-d When Our Friends and Community Members Die of Covid?
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Rabbi Jacobson will discuss the following topics:

Chassidus Applied to Tu B’shevat and Beshalach 

What do you do when you’re stuck? 

What is the secret to success? 

Lessons we learn from the time when the Jews were stuck between the sea before them and the pursuing Egyptians behind them 

What do we learn from trees? 

Bitachon in face of challenges 

Can we be angry at G-d when our friends and community members die of Covid? 

How do we explain bitachon and emunah when they apparently don't bring the intended results? 

What can I do to change my negative feelings and lack of trust in G-d due to my life challenges? 

Parents and Children 

How do I get over very harsh words my mother told me? 

Children’s Apathy to Judaism 

How would you deal with teens who are apathetic towards Yiddishkeit? 

What is an appropriate response to my 11-year old son who confided in me that he fears that he won’t be religious when he grows up? 

Chassidus question: Is dirah b’tachtonim a reason for creation that emerged only in later generations? 

MyLife 2020 Chassidus Applied Essay and Creative Contest: 12th Place winners: 

Essay English: “They didn’t change their names, their language or their dress” -- Staying strong to who we are despite our surroundings, Mushka Cohen, 16, Student, Beth Rivkah, Montreal, Canada 

Essay Hebrew (men): פיזור הנפש, Mr. Meir Ha’Itan, Jerusalem, Israel 

Essay Hebrew (women): בנין החינוך - עסק משפחתי מצליח, Chana’le Gufchi, Educator, Kiryat Malachi, Israel 

Creative: Infusion (painting. Creative Art Piece. Oil on Canvas), Rivky Taichman, 20, Shlucha at Machon Alte Tzfat. Crown Heights, NY 

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