37. Adharanand Finn - Ultra Runner & Author of The Rise of the Ultra Runners & Running with the Kenyans
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Today's guest is an ultra runner, a podcaster, and the author of The Way of the Runner, Running with the Kenyans, and my favorite running book of all, The Rise of the Ultra Runners. Adharanand Finn joins us to talk about his journey from middle school athletics to a sub-three hour New York City marathon and then a fateful assignment that placed him in the Oman Desert Marathon - a grueling 6 stage race that nearly defeated him, but ultimately lit his fire for ultra-distance running.

We cover a ton of ground in this conversation. If you love running or books about running or listening to men with exotic accents - lace em up, throw in the headphones and give this one a listen.

Adharanand Finn on Athlinks

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Adharanand's Books

The Way of the Runner Podcast


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ENDURE by Alex Hutchinson

FEET IN THE CLOUDS by Richard Askwith

That's the show, folks, Hope you enjoyed it - more people racing more often having more fun in the process is our mission at Athlinks. 

Thanks again to Adharanand Finn for his time and check out his books ^^^ if you want to immerse yourself in some great storytelling about running and perseverance.

We do a special post for each episode on Instagram, so look for the post for episode 37 with a picture of Adharanand if you have comments or questions - we are @athlinks or shoot us an email to podcast@athlinks.com. 

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And, until next time, happy racing everybody.

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