On Empowering Action Through Innovative Technologies - A NEW Conversation with Rhiana Spring
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Join me for today’s episode where I will be catching up with Rhiana Spring, the founder and executive director of Spring ACT. Spring ACT is an organisation connecting human rights and technology to empower people to take action and eliminate global social injustices.

Their flagship product is called Sophia, the world's first chatbot empowering survivors of domestic violence to gather potential evidence and seek help wherever they are in the world.

I highly encourage you to listen back to the conversation from Episode 37 to be reminded of Spring ACT’s mission and listen to today's episode to hear how Rhiana’s journey has evolved over the past 18 months.

Show notes:

To find out more about Spring ACT, head over to their website and be sure to connect with them on Instagram or LinkedIn.

Check out the Social Innovation Tournament finalists that Rhiana mentioned in this episode.

Be sure to ⁠⁠visit our podcast website⁠⁠ for the full episode transcript, and connect with us: narrativespodcast@gmail.com.

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Episode timestamps

00:26 - Episode introduction

01:43 - Highlight of Rhiana's first interview on the podcast

04:32 - Spring ACT's vision and the story behind the organisation's name

06:00 - Launching Sophia in Peru

08:16 - Developing partnerships with global organisations, including UN Women

11:25 - Team work: making space for fun and celebrating the wins

14:05 - Growing the Spring ACT team with a Tech Lead

17:30 - Impact of international prizes and recognition for Sophia

23:00 - Dots: the second Spring ACT product

24:37 - Sophia's digital safe

26:31 - Spring ACT's new business model

29:27 - Rhiana's personal journey as a founder

32:23 - Rhiana's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs

36:32 - How to connect with Rhiana and learn more about Spring ACT

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