On Making Medical AI a Common Good - A NEW Conversation with Bart De Witte
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In this episode I will be welcoming back another previous guest of Narratives of Purpose, Bart De Witte, to hear more about his journey of making medical AI accessible.

Bart is the founder of the Hippo AI Foundation, which is designed to develop medical AI for the common good by liberating all future medical knowledge by making it open to everyone.

We spoke in November 2022, and before you tune into today’s episode, I highly encourage you to listen back to the conversation from Episode 41 to be reminded of Hippo AI’s mission and listen to today's episode to hear how Bart's work has evolved since our last conversation.

Show notes:

To find out more about the Hippo AI Foundation be sure to head over to their website and read the newsletter edition I refered to here.

Following the recording of this episode, you will find information from Bart’s keynote speech at the WHO Europe Conference here.

Be sure to ⁠visit our podcast website⁠ for the full episode transcript.

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Episode timestamps

00:26 - Episode introduction

02:05 - Highlight of Bart's first interview on the podcast

04:55 - Hippo AI's mission

06:47 - Ask Paper: the community and collaboration platform for AI researchers

12:18 - Hippo AI's new finance model

19:17 - Influence of capital and industrial interests on research

21:15 - Open source AI myths and reality in healthcare

28:41 - Disrupting healthcare through technology?

33:12 - Bart's advice to aspiring social entrepreneurs

35:58 - Being provocative to spark conversations

37:31 - How to connect with Bart and learn more about the Hippo AI Foundation

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