On Powering Education with Technology - A NEW Conversation with Ismail Eleburuike
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In this episode I will be welcoming back a previous guest of Narratives of Purpose to hear more about this Ed Tech entrepreneur's journey since our initial NOP conversation back in 2022.

Ismail Eleburuike is the founder of SchoolTry, the leading provider of efficient education application technology in various African countries. We spoke in April 2022, and before you tune into today’s episode, I highly encourage you to listen back to the conversation from Episode 31 and be reminded of Ismail's fascinating background - especially how he started SchoolTry in 2019.

Listen to today's episode to hear how SchoolTry has evolved since our last conversation. Ismail also shares his strategies for overcoming challenges as well as his vision to shape the Ed Tech ecosystem on the African continent.

Show notes:

To find out more about SchoolTry, head over to their ⁠website⁠ or follow them on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also connect with Ismail on LinkedIn

Be sure to ⁠⁠⁠visit our podcast website⁠⁠⁠ for the full episode transcript.

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Episode timestamps

00:26 - Episode introduction

02:12 - Highlights from Ismail's first interview on the podcast

04:15 - SchoolTry's new functionalities and geographical presence 

09:15 - SchoolTry's user coverage in K12 and Higher Ed

13:00 - Overcoming business challenges during SchoolTry's growth period

17:50 - SchoolTry's competitors in the African Ed Tech landscape

20:47 - SchoolTry's team members and customer mindset development

27:45 - SchoolTry's role in shaping the educational content

31:28 - Ismail's advice for entrepreneurial success

32:20 - How to connect with Ismail and learn more about SchoolTry

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