Collateral Damage - C1E70 The Light of Elrin
Play • 2 hr 34 min

A night of well earned sleep is had for everyone at Quil’s family home. In the morning they have breakfast and agree that they can stay for a few days to rest, gather information, and allow the family very needed time together. The group goes into town to gather things for their stay and Seti gives them a shopping list. While in town, the group splits up and does a bit of shopping at various locations. Zechs’ splits off on his own and goes to gather information at the library when he hears something bone chiling and disturbing to him. He collects himself and shelves it for now. Inside he acquires lots of information on Sloane, the Arbitors, and cults of the past in Nymora. Many hours later he decides to continue venturing and find families of those whose children have come back. There’s so much happening and that’s where we pick up…

Find out what happens next in this episode of the Medusa’s Cascade: Collateral Damage! 

Theme Music is written and performed by The Floating Lighthouse  

Mixed by Thomas Lapierre III  

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