Collateral Damage - C1E76 Unillum
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We find ourselves back with Salix at dinner with the other captured sacrifices. They offer to help and exchange stories of their origins and why they would be sought after by the Web of Fate. They explain that they are a priestess or reincarnation of the Daughter of the Void and go into detail of what she looks like. Back on the airship Galahad informs the party about what the Tailor said and they start to strategize a plan of attack. In their lapse of judgement they suspect Alternate Salix is right outside the room they are discussing plans in. A brief and tense pause later, Zechs’ Hunter’s Mark drops and immediately the team searches every crevice of the ship to no avail. Alternate Salix is gone and left a very taunting message in their room. Zechs informs his parents on EVERYTHING that’s been going on with Alternate Salix and Malar and eventually make plans to send them back home to Nymora. Glad uses Sending to relay to The Journeyman all that has transpired, but the spell is not received at all. The group, suddenly worried that they were captured again, ask if she can contact Chico or Welby. She reaches out to Welby who in the most horrific pained voice says “Make it stop.” The group is at a loss of what to do and spend the next few days of their journey in quiet contemplation and preparation for what’s to come. Finally in the Heartwood proper, after using Speak With Plants again to communicate to Amina, they arrive at the base of the massive tree and begin to make their way inside to speak with her. There’s so much happening and that’s where we pick up…  

Find out what happens next in this episode of the Medusa’s Cascade: Collateral Damage! 

Theme Music is written and performed by The Floating Lighthouse  

Mixed by Thomas Lapierre III  

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