Collateral Damage - C1E67 Tests of Wit, Grit and Courage
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Left there to lick their wounds, the party tries to figure out how The Constable got the drop on them. Shanks and Arguile reach out to Elrin to discern if they were tracked by magical means. Using this as a good opportunity they ask Elrin about the name Arioch. Meanwhile, a figure approaches the party. A Kalashtar named Voyas who claims that the Daughter of the Flame led her there. In a vision, she saw a Goliath and two elves. Bahamut manages to relieve Galahad of any suspicion he has and they agree to let her come with them to the Grand Temple. A thick fog covers the area and they are immediately reminded of the fog that surrounded Barovia. Eventually, they come to what they think is the temple, and an Unillum named Izel who informs the party that they must do a number of trials in order to get to the temple. The first trial is a trial of wit. 

There’s so much happening and that’s where we pick up…  

Find out what happens next in this episode of the Medusa’s Cascade: Collateral Damage! 

Theme Music is written and performed by The Floating Lighthouse  

Mixed by Thomas Lapierre III  

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