Collateral Damage - C1E89 The Best Laid Plans
Play • 2 hr 21 min

Last time on “The Medusa’s Cascade: Collateral Damage” the party connects with notable resistance member and proprietor of Herbal Delights, Alésia. She informed them of what she knew of the Web of Fate and said that she would offer aid to the party in what they were planning. Arguile, Shanks, and Salix met with Iggy, Lady Kree, and a familiar Aarakocra, Lenore. After tense negotiations and information gathering they reconvened at the tea shop. Meanwhile, Glad, Zechs, and Galahad go to a safe house and do their best to recover from that morning’s fight. The group seems to be planning to take out members of the Web of Fate one by one, and it seems that Garron is the one in their sights. There’s so much happening and that’s where we pick up…  

Find out what happens next in this episode of the Medusa’s Cascade: Collateral Damage!  

Theme Music is written and performed by The Floating Lighthouse

Mixed by Thomas Lapierre III

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